Kris Jenner developed her cosmetics years ago! Will he hit Kylie Jenner?

Kris Jenner
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Kris Jenner must have already proved to everyone that she has a head for business. That is why it is worth getting interested in its cosmetic brand. Momager registered several trademarks a few weeks ago. It turns out that it was a formality, because Kris Jenner cosmetics were developed years ago! Why was she delaying their premiere?

I guess no one doubts that Kris Jenner has a talent for business. It was she who contacted the famous producer Ryan Seacrest years ago and came out with the initiative to create a show that has gone down in history. Keeping Up With The Kardashians lived to see 20 seasons and made Kris Jenner’s daughters famous in many countries around the world.

Now KUWTK is coming to an end, but it absolutely doesn’t mean that Kris Jenner is retiring. First of all – the Kardashian Jenner family has partnered with Hulu and will create new content for them. Second – Kris Jenner finally found time to launch her own line of cosmetics. As it turns out, she developed them years ago!

Kris Jenner reveals the details of his cosmetics brand

Creating their own cosmetics by celebrities has been a frequent practice lately. Kylie Jenner built on this empire, and Kim Kardashian is also making good money by following her footsteps.

It turns out that Kris Jenner developed her own products years ago.

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Kris Jenner is following in the footsteps of Kylie and Kim Kardashian! It has already registered a trademark

About four or five years ago, I decided to develop a skincare line… I prepared some samples. So I have a skincare line that I love and that is ready to use.

Kris Jenner spoke to The Wall Street Journal.

The fact that the cosmetics are practically ready does not mean that the premiere will be soon. Momager knows very well that strategy is half the battle. That is why it will announce its products “in due course, in a year, maybe in two”.

Unlike Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty, the kris Jenner brand will not focus on colors, but on care and anti-aging.

I think it’s really important that older women realize that as long as they care for their skin it’s not complicated… So I did something that exactly mimics my daily routine. This will be my line.

She added.

Kris Jenner also revealed that caring for her skin was her priority. She did the first treatment at a very young age and she just … did not stop repeating it. The effects are impressive!

Kylie Jenner took pity! After being criticized, she paid for the operation of a friend … 5,000 …

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