Krzysztof Gojdź reveals what Jennifer Lopez has improved

Krzysztof Gojdź has been shining not only in Polish, but also in American show business for some time. He boasted about meeting Jennifer Lopez, among other things. In front of our camera he revealed what the singer had improved.

Krzysztof Gojdź a few years ago he became one of the most famous medics in the country. In 2016, he appeared in show business and quickly gained considerable popularity. He hosted a program on TVN Style Unusual medical caseswhich enjoyed high viewership. He also published two books that became bestsellers. Eventually he was invited to Dancing with the Starsand donated all the money he made on the show to charity.

A plastic surgeon in Poland has made a great career and has achieved everything. He decided to try his strength overseas. Some time ago he packed his bags and left for Florida. In Miami, he opened his own aesthetic medicine office.

Krzysztof Gojdź reveals what Jennifer Lopez has improved

Krzysztof Gojdź quickly entered the world of American show business. Immediately after moving, he managed to make friends with the biggest stars. Among other things, he boasted about his contacts with the Kardashian family, as well as the fact that he had already met Jennifer Lopez. In an interview with a reporter, Jastrząb Post revealed what the Latino beauty had improved upon. He also assessed her beauty:

I will definitely say who is very well done and I will not say by whom. Jennifer Lopez, this is an absolute beauty icon. I don’t like celebrities who totally freeze their faces, because then they are neither good actresses nor cool artists.

How does he evaluate the media revelations around Jennifer and Ben’s relationship?

On the one hand, it can be a marketing gimmick before a certain action. On the other hand, everyone is happy that Jennifer is happy, in love again. It shows. I had the opportunity to see her live in private and she is a person who exudes this beauty. He doesn’t overdo botox. It actually has very little done with the face.

Did Krzysztof have the pleasure to meet Jennifer privately?

She made a very good impression on me. My dream is to take care of it comprehensively. Not only the face, but also the body.

We keep our fingers crossed for his dream to come true.

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