Kucharski sharply on the testimony of Lewandowski. “Inept amateurs” Polish national team

Robert Lewandowski did not play in the last match of the Polish national team with Hungary (1: 2). The loss at the National Stadium meant that Paulo Sousa’s squad lost their seed in the play-offs for the World Cup, which will be held in Qatar next year.

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A storm around Robert Lewandowski. [SEKCJA PIŁKARSKA #100]

The Lewandowski case caused a lot of controversy and discussion. It turned out that on the day of the match with Hungary, the captain of the team traveled around Mazovia and added scenes to the film that Amazon Prime is shooting about him. Earlier, Lewandowski was also supposed to be at the birthday of the millionaire Rafał Brzoska.

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The Bayern Munich striker could afford such activities, because after the match against Andorra (4: 1) he knew that he would not play against Hungary for sure. Sousa was supposed to come up with such a proposal, although the gentlemen later admitted that it was their joint arrangement.

Kucharski hits Lewandowski

This was the message of the bizarre statement Lewandowski made after the match against Hungary. It wrote, inter alia, that the match against Andorra was all the more important, which determined the performance of the Bayern player. – It was not a serious statement, a serious footballer, a representative of Poland. It certainly did not correspond to Robert’s sports class. You can see that inept amateurs made up this PR nasty – in the “Football Section” program on Sport.pl said the former manager of Lewandowski, Cezary Kucharski.

And he added: – Maybe Robert took part in it, but I see in it the hand of a woman and an amateur who is not oriented in football. Raising the importance of the game against Andorra, in which Robert played, is a mockery of the minds of the fans. You can see that the statement was written by a person who has no idea about the ball. Although it doesn’t take much to know that Hungary is definitely a stronger team.

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– It is clear from the statement, the video on the web and the interview with Mateusz Borek that Robert was not aware of the importance of the match against Hungary. Later, he admitted that if he had known that this was how it would end, that we would lose to Hungary, he would have played in this match – concluded Kucharski.

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