Kuklambiana Day to protect tradition and innovation (+ photos)

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Las Tunas.- The Cucolambiana Day, considered the supreme festival of Cuban farmers, will take place in the province between June 28 and July 2. Its organizers told a press conference that its design would include generic proposals and other innovations, with the intention of rethinking the event to achieve greater socio-cultural impact.

The event will be dedicated to the 194th birthday of Juan Cristóbal Nápoles Fajardo (El Cucalambe), the greatest bucolic poet of the 19th century in Cuba; the intellectual Hedy Santamaría Cuadrado; poet and plastic artist Reynel González Batista, and the 45th anniversary of the System of Houses of Culture. Many initiatives will pay tribute to these inspirations through shows, screenings, book presentations and awards to outstanding farmers.

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of intent and news

from a new visual identity that begins with the reconstruction of the author’s image ant rumors, From an original lithograph and with the help of artificial intelligence, to new competitions such as the design competition called Guayabera Dress, the fun advocates a somewhat different concept, more in line with the present times, but always in defense of the Cuban identity. The chants, for example, would not return on the nights of El Cornito, but at other times, but one of these nights would arrive on Cucalambé Street, July 1, the date of the bard’s birthday to whom the invitation was dedicated.

There are other editions on the agenda, but (first of a face-to-face nature) the Carlos Escalona Tune Competition and the Identity and Diversity Colloquium, sponsored by the Provincial Center of the House of Culture (CPCC). As stated by Anaís Rey Haynes, in charge of that unit, the participants are currently being selected by the municipalities in the first fight, which will also have guests from Cienfuegos and Havana.Mexico

As for the second initiative, despite points coinciding with the Ibero-American Colloquium of the Tenth, it differs by emphasizing “what happens in the subordinate communities of the cucalambina, such as studying the tools present in the festival, cultivating families with traditional styles, customs, Creole foods and other themes”.

In the words of the provincial director of culture, Darlenis Urquiola, “We supported the National Program for the Advancement of Women and the Food Sovereignty Plan, right from the program’s conception. For example, the I Esencias de Mujer photographic salon was designed. and space for exchange of experiences of rural women’s life, history and reality.

“We want to contribute to the empowerment of women, not only taking into account caste, sex or gender, but also their participation in various processes of society. This essence is important in activities like the show. Tribute to rural womenwhere Birma’s flower will be selected, which does not respond to a beauty contest, but rather represents the distinctive characteristics of the Creole woman,” he explained.

heidi santamariaThe Directive highlighted the importance of alliances to the design of the general program, which added – in addition to the institutions that usually participate in its management – others such as the University of Las Tunas and the Exchange and Reference Center – Community Initiative (Ceric ). and they added the presentation of the book as a new moment you have to save lifeComprehensive anthology of texts by Hedy Santamaría (compiled by Jaime Gómez Triana and Ana Niria Albo Díaz), published by Casa de las Americas and Ocean Sur Publishing House.

Dressing up contests

Ramon Batista, director of the Ibero-American House of the Tenth El Cucalambe (an organization that will celebrate three decades next December), said that the two most relevant competitions in the context of the octosyllabic rhyme host event will be awarded: “cucalambe” (decima written) and “Justo Vega” (decima improvisation).

“For the first winner there is a cash prize of 30 thousand pesos in national currency, plus 10 thousand for the copyright and the publication of the book by the publisher. sunlop, Around 15 notebooks have participated in the contest so far, but the call will be open till the 30th of this month, so the number may increase.

Batista explained, “The second will feature the participation of 10 contenders from different provinces and whoever reaches the podium will receive 10,000 pesos, while it will be 2,000 for those entitled to the popularity prize.”

For her part, Leticia Fernández, the specialist in charge of the tenth Ibero-American Colloquium, commented that the submissions would be received until May 30. “A dozen investigations by authors from different provinces have already been distributed, which address topics such as the Cuban Point, the humor in the tenth, the work of Reynel González … In addition, we respect the Canarian traditions in Cuba. and the concerned authorities will share interesting studies from that folklore”, he reasoned.

The visual arts will also be represented in several venues, the grandest of which will be the National Landscape Hall, the Illustrated Tenth and Popular Crafts, the result of the best creations presented in more than 350 community cucalambinas developed before the great event.

Maida Rodríguez, in charge of the Provincial Council of Plastic Arts, said that -similarly- an exhibition by Camaguyan plastic artist Eli Hamouni Arias, the provincial committee of the Union of Cuban Writers and Artists, and a collective exhibition will be displayed. The result of the Confluencias event (promoted from Mazibacoa), which will be shared in the provincial branch of the Nicolas Guillén Foundation.

Aciris Espinosa, Editor-in-Chief sunlopRecalled that the Catauro de la Décima, in addition to hosting the Cucalambe Competition Prize, embraces the Canto Alrededor del Punto Gloss Competition and the Cordel Poetry Competition, which promote the cultivation of the “Peninsular Traveler” in its written version.

“Each day of this space will be devoted to one or two titles, led by the authors, that won the Cucalambé contest and we make every effort to publish the two most recent notebooks that won in that contest, although we still have to Likewise, we want to honor the memory of Reynel González and honor Pedro Peglez for his contribution to the defense of national poetry,” the board said.

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Castes that protect traditions

The Decima Cuerda project from Ciego de Ávila, and poets of the height of Cindy Manuel Torres are among those participating in Supreme Guatec. In addition, according to Anaïs Rey, other exponents have been invited – who can expect – such as María Victoria Rodríguez, Tomasita Quila, Emiliano Sardinas, José Antonio Iznaga (El jilguerito de Cienfuegos), Orisme Hernández and Juan Carlos García. Guridi.

Likewise, “It is expected that international artists will join us as students and teachers from the Caracas Decima School, who will come for the first time to Cuba, including Maher al-Adawy (Egyptian ambassador), in addition to other distinguished figures and cultivators.” ), the Folkloric Ballet Alma de México, representing the Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco (of the Aztec lands) and the municipality of La Ceiba (Honduras), the mayor of Veracruz, the Italian plastic artist Antonio Scarpelli and the president of the Dominican Community. Haitians from the Dominican Republic” , explained Yanetsi Ramirez Leon, expert on international relations of the Provincial Directorate of Culture.

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other interiors

The countdown begins. Domestic and foreign talents will spread the beauty of their art. El Cornito will host many Creole competitions such as crafts fair, native games, traditional cuisine, provincial meeting of musical groups del son al son, children’s place Cantos de Colibri, bohio campesinos (with the usual presentation of the group Rice Soneras) and others. Petit Dans), show for children and adults…

Provincial director of culture Darlenis Urquiola said that it is going to be a somewhat different phenomenon, as they are starting to experience a change in their concept to better take advantage of their potential. “We dream in the long run that it ceases to be an artistic event alone, but that all the institutions of the province come together to make Cuculambiana Day visible as a community socio-cultural process, which reflects the Las Tunas identity. important to the formation of the,” he said.

To achieve this end, it is worth remembering these words of Ramon Batista: “The Cucolambiana Day is not only in Las Tunas; the country must protect it; in fact, peasant festivals are held in other Cuban regions. . And it is not something that is confined to a few days, as community and municipal chapters are organized in advance. Its success and maintenance depend on many hands, which, sometimes even obliviously, are an essential part of our nature. ‘Kukalambina’ is still alive because it is the essence and result of a tradition”.

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