Kylie Jenner and her new brand with a huge critic. Outraged customers show the low quality of Kylie Swim swimwear

Kylie Jenner recently had the opportunity to enjoy the launch of her new brand. Customers eagerly ordered Kylie Swim swimsuits and eagerly waited for the couriers. Unfortunately, the effect was not satisfactory. A real storm broke out on the Internet. TikTok is buzzing about the questionable quality of new celebrity products.

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The first unboxing packages from Kylie Swim began to appear on TikTok. Unfortunately, the opinions are mostly not flattering. It turns out that the bathing suits are badly sewn and the fabric shows through. In the published materials, we can see careless finishes. Internet users also noticed a very tight cut. Kylie Jenner’s outfits do not fit well on the body and, as a result, do not cover what they should.

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Internet users compare the quality of Kylie Jenner swimwear to chain stores

Commentators compare Kylie outfits to those from average chain stores or supermarkets. They believe that the star has enough budget to release quality products. In addition, the price of the Kylie Swim suit itself is not in line with the quality. You have to pay 400 zlotys for the transparent material bearing her name.

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I like Kylie, but these outfits look like SheIn, and they cost PLN 400 and are even packed similarly – writes one of the outraged internet users.

Kylie Jenner’s swimwear was going to be a huge hit

After Kylie Jenner’s previous successes, the media reported that her new brand could turn out to be a real hit. Unfortunately, the indignation of Internet users indicates the complete opposite. So far, she has created her line of color and skin care cosmetics, and any day we are waiting for the premiere of Kylie Baby. The star guarantees that she has been working on childcare for several years with a team of pediatricians, and that the new products are to be of the highest quality.

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