Kylie Jenner confessed why she enlarged her lips. It was the guy who got her into the complexes!

Kylie Jenner then and now
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Kylie Jenner has undergone a transformation in the Kardashian family over the years of her half-sister Khloe. Young Jennerka started out in the family show as an inconspicuous teenager, and today she is a sex bomb and one of the richest people in the famous clan. As for the fact that it owes its beauty to surgeons, fans have no doubts. She herself has now admitted why she enlarged her lips.

She has been watching her older sisters for years Kylie Jenner she made a dizzying career. The celebrity is the most popular Kardashian on Instagram, and her Kylie Cosmetics business can be envied by most of the stars. For many, Kylie is also the quintessence of sex appeal – Jennerka loves to tempt the web with her sexy photos and pose in very skimpy swimsuits.

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Of course Kylie Jenner she didn’t always do that well in show business, and she didn’t always look that way. Fans of the Kardashian clan remember how the daughter was ten years ago Kris Jenner she made shy first steps on the celebrity walls and then she had neither such a prominent breasts nor such a prominent mouth.


Kylie Jenner on her lips

About his mouth plastic surgery Kylie Jenner she told in a special episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which the famous family shot after the end of the last season of the family show. It turns out that Kylie had complexes about her lips from the time she was a teenager. And all this because of her … then boyfriend.

I think my love of makeup started with my lip complex… I had really small lips and never thought about it until I had one of my first kisses. The guy said to me, “Oh my god, you kiss so well but your lips are so small” or something. From that moment on, I felt completely disconnected. I was insecure because this guy told me something once. Then I became obsessed with makeup, I was over-emphasizing my lips and it just made me feel confident.

– she confessed Kylie Jenner.

The honesty of the celebrity amused her relatives. Kris Jenner joked that Kylie could name one of the lipsticks after her boyfriend, and Kendall encouraged her to work with him.

Are you curious who that guy was?

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