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Kylie Jenner is pregnant? Recently, the celebrity celebrated its 24th birthday. Observant Internet users say that thanks to the photos that the star published on the occasion of her holiday, they received evidence that she was expecting another child.

A frame that aroused suspicion by fans

Kylie Jenner is one of the world’s most popular celebrities. The star, despite her young age, has already accumulated assets worth over a billion dollars on her account, and her life is watched on Instagram by over 258 million Internet users. Kylie recently celebrated her 24th birthday.

On the occasion of your holiday Kylie Jenner posted several photos on the web in which we saw her in a tight green dress. The staff quickly collected tens of millions of likes, but also sparked a lot of speculation. Most careful Celebrity fans have noticed a detail that, according to them, indicates that the 24-year-old is expecting a second child. According to them, Kylie never wears the same nails for more than a month, and in the June photo she was the same color. Fans consider this proof that frames come from the past, all in order to hide your pregnancy belly from the world.

Kylie is pregnant. She has never had the same nails for over a month … Now her belly is visible and she will not publish the latest photos of her body – we read in the comments

Kim’s account is another proof?

One of the popular American tiktokers also got interested in the case. The woman noticed another detail that may indicate that Kylie Jenner is pregnant. Influencer recalled Kim Kardashian’s Instagram story from the birthday of a 24-year-old. We saw only Kylie’s hand on it, and on it … green nails, so different than those we saw in the birthday photos. By uploading old photos, is the celebrity trying to hide her pregnancy belly?

Photo TikTok @@ emilycschwartz

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