Kylie Jenner rocks her driver’s license photo

Kylie Jenner made a point of showing that she was perfect in the photo of her driver’s document. Apparently the businesswoman renewed her driver’s license and even she loved the result of the photo that appears on the document.

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Kylie posted the image without saying anything, but her followers rushed to the comments section to praise the beauty of Kim Kardashian’s younger sister.

“You know you’re good when you can pose from any angle,” commented one follower. “Perfect in every way,” said another. “Is not fair. I look like a goddamn terrorist in my picture.” “I never could”. “Perfection”. “No right to photoshop”.

Photo: Playback/Instagram/@KylieJenner

And while everyone was still talking about her beauty in the photo of the license, Kylie, the manager, never stops. She took the opportunity to announce the launch of her new skincare products, from her KylieSkin brand, ‘lavender collection’.

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The ‘essential for the skin’ products will be officially launched on the 23rd of May.

Photo: Playback/Instagram/@kylieskin


According to the magazineLife & Style“, Kylie Jenner has hired a top-notch nanny firm, and has four professionals at home every day helping her with the care of her three-year-old daughter Stormi and her newborn baby, Jack, almost two months old.

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And although the salaries that permanent nannies receive for their work are much more than the average salary, according to a source in the publication, they are not satisfied with the service, because of the strict rules that need to be followed, and often pointed out. as ‘inhumane rules’.

The news was revealed by the magazine “RadarOnline”, which learned that professionals are required to be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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“All of them have been carefully investigated and she keeps them in rotation,” shared Life & Style.

“When hiring them, they must go through a investigative process that includes background checks, have good references and have had good interviews (…) they must be elegant, intelligent and have a pleasant personality”, says the informant.

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But the problem is that Kylie Jenner was allegedly accused by Stormi’s nannies of letting them sleep only three nights a week, and still requires that the children are constantly checked so that they are always clean and healthy. Not to mention they can’t take off their masks when they’re around Stormi and the baby.

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