Kylie Jenner Shares Rare Intimacy Moment Of Travis Scott And The Kids – 06/20/2022

06/20/2022 | 1:11 pm

What a beautiful family! Kylie Jenner took advantage of Father’s Day to share with her fans a somewhat unusual click of a moment of family intimacy, on Instagram the owner of Kylie Cosmetics posted a photo of her husband lying down with the couple’s two children, Stormi Webster, the most old woman and the youngest lying on her chest while he ate a bowl of noodles.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. We love you, she wrote in the caption.

But the cuteness didn’t stop there, the businesswoman decided to share another photo of the matching shoes of Travis and the mystery baby, they are the cutest thing, right?

It is worth remembering that the youngest of the couple has not yet had his name or face revealed, he was born in early February and was initially called Wolf Jacques Webster, but at the end of March Kylie decided to go back on the decision.

Our son’s name is no longer Wolf. We just felt it didn’t suit him. Just wanted to share this because I was seeing Wolf everywhere, Kardashian-Jenner shared.


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