Kylie Jenner showed pictures from a baby shower! The leitmotif of the event is surprising

Kylie Jenner posted some photos of the baby shower on her Instagram profile. The decorations are breathtaking and the theme of the party is surprising. Check what the evening was like!

Many people believe that Kylie Jenner has already given birth. What’s more, her fans and fans have some “evidence” of it. However, the creator of the cosmetic empire, and at the same time the most popular woman on Instagram, does not care about their theories. She still publishes photos and videos showing her pregnancy belly. Recently, she showed a few frames from a so-called baby shower. The decorations are impressive. However, the leitmotif of the event is surprising.

Baby showers are becoming more and more popular all over the world. Celebrities are happy to organize them and then share their reports on such events on social media. The same is the case Kylie Jenner. Last night, the celebrity published a series of photos on Instagram, thanks to which we found out and learned what the evening organized for her and for the child looked like.

As it turned out, Kylie Jenner gave up the typical baby shower in shades of pink or blue and opted for the jungle theme. The main elements of the (breathtaking) decorations were sizable giraffe-shaped sculptures. The whole was completed with plants – trees and shrubs, as well as white flowers. You can see some photos from the event in the gallery.

What happened at the party? Details are unfortunately unknown. It is not known exactly when the event took place. There is no doubt, however, that other members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, headed by Kris Jenner and Kendall Jenner.

Kylie Jenner has already given birth? There are many indications that the celebrity’s second child as well Travis Scott is already in the world. Recall that a few weeks ago Travis Barker published a report on Instagram Stories showing a baby milk bottle. In addition, it is worth remembering that Jennerka is reluctant to comment on private matters. And it is very possible that he wants to enjoy the pregnancy and then share his first moments with the baby only with his relatives. This was the case with her previous pregnancy. Kylie Jenner to the very end she did not confirm that she was expecting a child. For several months, she published archival photos, as well as those in which her figure is not visible. In addition, she did not comment on media reports about her condition. Therefore, we have nothing else to do but wait for the official statement Kylie Jenner and (possible) photos of her second child with Travis Scott.

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