La Jornada – In favor of the forest in Guatemala, Grupo AJE ties up with Wildlife Conservation Society

Grupo AJE, a leading beverage industry company, has partnered with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to promote the conservation of the jungle in Guatemala.

WCS is a global conservation organization with more than 125 years of experience protecting wildlife and protecting ecosystems around the world. The collaboration with Grupo AJE is an important opportunity to address conservation challenges in the Guatemalan jungle.

According to WCS data, the Guatemalan jungle is one of the most biodiverse and species-rich regions in the world, home to a wide variety of endangered plants and animals, including jaguars, howler monkeys and scarlet macaws.

Deforestation, poaching and other challenges have seriously threatened this valuable ecosystem, which is why Grupo AJE and WCS are making efforts to address these problems by implementing conservation and environmental education programs in the region. have joined.

As part of this project, which will last for one year, GRUPO AJE has invested $120,000 dollars that will be used for conservation and environmental education programs. Likewise, it has endorsed its commitment to continue investing in efforts and initiatives that promote the conservation of natural areas important to the planet.

According to various experts, it is estimated that the forest ecosystem of the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Guatemala has lost about 33% of its forest cover in recent decades; This will help in taking immediate and effective action to arrest its degradation and protect the wildlife that depends on it.

This alliance promotes initiatives to protect and restore key areas of wilderness, strengthen the recovery of populations of the highly threatened scarlet macaw, as well as strengthen the capacity of local communities in the sustainable management of natural resources.

“We are excited to join the efforts of the Wildlife Conservation Society in this important conservation initiative in Guatemala. As a company committed to sustainability and social responsibility, we are committed to protecting our natural heritage and helping to conserve the biodiversity in the region. We recognize the importance of making a contribution. We are committed to working closely with WCS and local communities to achieve a lasting positive impact in the Guatemalan jungle,” said Jorge López-Doriga, director of Grupo AJE.

As part of this alliance, the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Petén, Guatemala, is expected to help preserve at least 61,300 hectares of forest in the Laguna del Tigre National Park, which will contribute to biodiversity and well-being conservation. Having local communities that depend on these natural resources.

“Collaborating with committed organizations such as WCS is critical to addressing the large-scale environmental challenges facing us today. Together, we will work to protect biodiversity and promote sustainable practices in the Guatemalan jungle, helping local communities and wildlife will benefit,” López-Doriga said.

The collaboration between Grupo AJE and WCS is an important step in the right direction to promote the conservation of the Guatemalan rainforest and contribute to the conservation of biodiversity in the region. The initiative also highlights the importance of social responsibility and corporate sustainability, where companies have a fundamental role to play in conserving the environment and protecting biodiversity.

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