La Stampa – Inter sales stalled, nobody reaches one billion. With Zhang, the club is in a worrying game

Inter’s corporate situation is struggling to find outlets. This is because, according to the newspaper The print, the lawsuit of the banks for the loans not repaid by the Zhang family, news this afternoon, affects the issue a lot. There is no shortage of offers to take over the ownership of Inter from the Suning group, but the requests of the Nanking family are always higher than the offers of potential buyers. Steven Zhang raised the request to 1.2 billion, in the wake of the evaluation given by RedBird to Milan, but, we read, the parallel “it doesn’t make much sense because that figure is the result of a total continuity agreement between the two American funds, favored by a loan from the seller to the buyer equal to half of the total sum “.

The Turin newspaper recalls how various potential buyers have come forward, from Bc Partners to the Arab PIF fund up to several US buyers, including Vivek Ranadivé, co-owner of the Nba’s Sacramento Kings. But, according to rumors, no one would go as far as the fateful threshold of one billion euros, let alone 1.2 billion. But why didn’t Steven Zhang decide, given the position taken by the Curva Nord in addition to the expiry of the maxi-loan made by Oaktree? It is likely that this stall on the sale may be linked to the lawsuits that Zhang’s creditor banks have initiated in Hong Kong and Milan for unpaid debts of as much as 255 million dollars, first of all the China Construction Bank which, by a strange twist of fate, is located exactly opposite the Inter headquarters.It is clear that, in this legal scenario, the creditor banks would immediately ask Zhang to account for the proceeds from the sale of Inter, identifying in this financial asset a way to repay the unpaid loans. Inter ended up at the center of this game that fuels a climate of concern in all sectors of the Nerazzurri club“.

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