Lady Gaga debuted 13 years ago, “Changed Music Forever”

Lady Gaga has opened her podcast.  When is the premiere?  Where to listen?
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Lady Gaga has opened her podcast. When is the premiere? Where to listen?

Lady Gaga celebrates her debut anniversary. Exactly 13 years ago, her debut single, Just Dance, had its premiere. A lot has changed since then, but its origins have been forever engraved in the history of pop music. Modern electro sounds, bold outfits, controversial music videos … Does Gaga deserve the title of the modern queen of pop?

Lady Gaga appeared on the world music scene 13 years ago. On April 8, 2008, the premiere of her first song, Just Dance, took place. The pop dance track quickly became a global hit, which remained at the top of the Billboard charts for months. Many people wondered if this was a one-time success or if Lady Gaga would become a new music star. She quickly proved that she intended to stay longer. Her song Poker Face echoed the success of the previous single. Moreover, the piece was considered groundbreaking. “Robotic” singing and the use of EDM music elements set a new trend. The dark music video and bold stylizations were also noticed. Some regarded it as kitsch, others as art. There is no doubt, however, that its phenomenon was huge. For several years, she was the most searched artist on Google, and the media wrote about every step in her career.

Lady Gaga – how has the pop star changed?

Lady Gaga – how has she changed over the years?

After the success of the first songs and the huge sales of The Fame album, Lady Gaga decided to shock even more. In 2009, she released the song Bad Romance. The music video for the song was dark, full of skeletons and scary stylizations. By many, he was considered to cross the border of good taste. After all, it went down in history as one of the best clips. The music video even won a Grammy. The stage of The Fame Monster album is also the time of the most controversial stylizations. Everyone remembers the famous meat dress at the MTV Video Music Awards. This image of Gaga continued for several years, until 2014, when she returned as a jazz artist alongside Tony Bennett. Joanne’s album, performances at the Oscars and participation in the film The Birth of a Star radically changed her image and gained recognition even by those who once despised her.

Lady Gaga – the new queen of pop?

Lady Gaga’s influence on pop music is assessed in various ways. Many people believe that she does not deserve the title of Queen of Pop, as these titles are only given to Madonna and Britney Spears. However, more than once such a title was assigned to her by the press. In 2019, the Los Angeles Times ran an article saying that “Lady Gaga is the new pop queen and Ariana Grande is the new pop princess.” The US Grammy Academy also said “Lady Gaga changed music”. So is Gaga the queen of pop? Take part in the survey below:

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