Lady Gaga does not wear a bikini in the jacuzzi: Look at the picture!

Lady Gaga would not enjoy today’s world fame without having different behaviors from other artists. The voice of the New Yorker is able to silence a whole stadium full of people, which added to its oddities in a good way, making it completely special. As a gift for fans, the singer posted a photo in the jacuzzi where she didn’t use a bikini. Attention to what is seen in the snapshot!

Makeup as at the end of an event, Gaga decided to show the privacy of her jacuzzi. This time she was not alone, as a beer accompanied her. In addition to the fact of not wearing a bikini, she impressed that she posed spitting a drink. 

The fans continued in theirs taking in a funny way the strange postcard, showing that they will be on their side no matter what. At the meeting came the critics who described it as unhygienic and a bad example for those who follow it. 

The comments against her particular lifestyle are not new to Gaga, something that to date has not changed her marked personality in the least.

Lady Gaga tells the worst moment of her life

The Poker Face interpreter has not hidden her troubled years of youth from the world, but it was recently in an interview with Oprah that she dropped her saddest moment. 

Lady Gaga commented on her hard past: «I had already shared it with you before, and I will do it again, with great vulnerability. I could open my book and just read it, but I will only say it: I was raped numerous times when I was 19 and I also developed PTSD from this ».

A story of overcoming that, fortunately, ends with a happy ending, because the problems did not weaken it, it only gave it strength to develop its artistic genius. Is there anything more inspiring than the story of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta?

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