Lady Gaga has stopped smoking and wants to quit drinking

Lady Gaga has stopped smoking and is thinking of quitting drinking: the announcement of the pop star, ready to a new life that is healthy.

The one that is going to get with Chromatica it is a new Lady Gaga! The american popstar is ready to present to the world her new recording effort, but in the meantime, talking about himself for her choices healthy.

The singer has admitted to have said just the habit of smoking, and be ready to give up the booze. Here are the declarations that have surprised fans, and that could become a good example for all!

Lady Gaga has stopped smoking

In an interview for the Apple Music Show of Zane Lowe, lady Germanotta has acted to present Chromatica, her new album. On the occasion, has stopped have said enough to smoke:

I stopped smoking. All this time, not even a cigarette, but quitting is so difficult. Also because you know what? I would sit on the veranda and fumerei throughout the day. I smoked all the time when I worked on the disk and then, when we finished, I stopped. It was the strangest thing and the most beautiful that could happenas if this music had really healed“.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga

The turning point healthy of Lady Gaga

Not only the cigarettes. Among the waivers Gaga there may also be thealcohol. He explained the same as the popstar: “I flirted with the idea of becoming sober for the whole album, but they are still“.

The artist has explained that this carried out is healthy, has emerged in its attempt to overcome a pain that was trying. Leave everything that is bad was part of the healing process.

Now I can pick on myself every day why I continue to drink“ explained Gaga, who, among other things, in the last few days has put the underwear, “or I can just be happy to be still alive and continue to move forward and feel quite well. They are pretty good… They are perfectly imperfect“.

Below Rain on Me, the latest single from Gaga’s with Ariana Grande: