Lady Gaga in a dress designed by Magda Butrym

Lady Gaga style

From the beginning of her career, Lady Gaga shocked with stylizations that no one else would choose. She loved the exaggerated outfits and shoes with monstrous soles. She loved to provoke. Although not everyone liked her fashion choices, no one was indifferent to them. She was able to appreciate original, even a bit cosmic art and it is still like this today – she still has the courage to show herself in public, even in the strangest outfit. In recent years, however, it is more likely to combine classic garments with sophisticated accessories.

– I think what holds people back is fear. I was scared for a moment. Then I went to my wardrobe and shot the fear in the face. (…) A girl has to use what is given to her, and I’m not going to make a guy drool like the Britney Spears videos do. So I go to the extreme. I’m not saying that I dress sexy on stage – what I do is extreme. The point is for guys to think: I don’t know if this is sexy or just plain weird Lady Gaga said in interviews.

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Lady Gaga in a creation by Magda Butrym

Although Lady Gaga is a bit more cautious in her fashion choices these days, she continues to inspire and surprise fashionistas around the world. It is rare for her styling to be average. She proved it once again on Monday, July 26, when she appeared in a black look on the streets of New York. Though her set was monochrome, it was immediately noticeable. All for the sake of tied caricature Pleaser USA shoes, Mark Cross trunk, Dita Eyewear glasses, and above all a figure-enhancing sexy dress from Magda Butrym.

All the most important fashion portals around the world have already written about the eclectic styling referring to the beginnings of Lady Gaga’s career. The ankle-length, sleeveless ribbed dress that reveals and accentuates the bust has delighted fashionistas. Due to this fact, all larger sizes of creations were sold out on the designer website, and only 34 and 36 were left in the offer.

How do you like Lady Gaga’s styling?

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