Lady Gaga is shocking with her hairstyle. Has her hair color changed dramatically? [FOTO]

Lady Gaga has undergone an amazing metamorphosis. Has the blonde singer famous for her hairstyle decided to radically change her hair color? Paparazzi caught Lady Gaga in Rome, where she appeared in public as a brown haired girl!

Lady Gaga is famous for its surprising metamorphoses and shocking stylizations. For many years a winner An Oscar however, it is faithful to blonde hair.

Is it time for some big changes? Unexpectedly, Lady Gaga presented herself completely new hairstylewhich surprised the singer’s fans.

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Lady Gaga is no longer blonde? Her hair color changed dramatically

Lady Gaga is no longer blonde? Paparazzi caught the singer outside one of the hotels in Rome. The singer appeared on the street in a completely different hairstyle and new hair colorwhich refers somewhat to the beginning of her career, when the American was not yet blonde.

Although Lady Gaga is impressive as brown haired girl, it is possible that the star’s metamorphosis is only temporary. The 34-year-old has come to the Italian capital to start working on a new film.

The singer and actress will play the role of the role of Patrizia Reggiani in the film “Gucci” directed by several Oscar nominees, Ridley Scott. Everything seems to indicate that Lady Gaga’s new hairstyle can only be a wig.

IN the movie “Gucci” other great movie stars will also perform, incl. Al Pacino, Jared Leto and Adam Driver. The production premiere is scheduled for November 2021.

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