Lady Gaga presented over 55 different hairstyles in the movie “The House of Gucci”

Lady Gaga in Milan for movie premiere

Lady Gaga in Milan for movie premiere

Lady Gaga’s wigs cost $ 10,000 in the movie “The House of Gucci.” The star presented himself in over 55 different hairstyles.

The secrets of Lady Gaga’s hairstyles, who plays the role of Patrizia Reggiani in “Gucci House”, were revealed in an interview with “The Hollywood Reporter” by hairdresser Frederic Aspiras working on the film. As he says himself, during the shooting, among others, ten custom wigs. “My job was to prepare hairstyles that the actress could use as a tool to help her explore the mind of the person she portrayed. So I had to be as authentic as possible. I had to use the techniques available to hairdressers from the 1970s. I had to travel back in time to that time and help show 25 years of one man’s life on the screen. Our camper was like a CSI lab, ”says Aspiras.

Preparing Lady Gaga’s hairstyle took 4 to 5 hours each morning, almost the same as Jared Leto’s six-hour makeup for the role of Paolo Gucci. In preparing it for photos, wigs and artificial bald spots were also used. Aspiras, along with makeup artist Goran Lundstrom, began work as early as four in the morning.

In preparation for production, Aspiras created a 450-page book with various hairstyles. It did not impress the director. Scott believed that only two hairstyles were enough. All this so that it does not complicate the assembly process later. However, the Lady Gaga team, to which Aspiras belonged, did not agree to such a solution. (PAP Life)

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