Lady Gaga, Vedder, McCartney, andrea Bocelli … so Many stars in concert for the Who


Lady Gaga has launched together with the Global Citizen is the proposal of a virtual concert and the world to raise funds for the world health Organization with which to fight the pandemic of the Coronavirus, and the response of the participants already at the beginning is awesome: Paul McCartney, Eddie Vedder, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Billie Eilish, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Andrea Bocelli, Alanis Morissette, Billie Joe Armstrong, J. Balvin, John Legend and Maluma.

With the name “One World: #TogetherAtHome” is a sort of Live Aid, in the era of the virtual, and in the impossibility of a show with tens of thousands of spectators, all together in a stadium.
The show takes place Saturday, April 18, starting at 20 New York time (2 am Italian): I will send a lot of international tv (including Abc, Cbs, Nbc, Bbc Music, Mtv) and web platforms such as Prime Video, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook.

Lady Gaga has tweeted: “It was an honor to work with the Global Citizen in recent weeks, working together behind the scenes to raise funds for the solidarity fund Covid19 of the Who. The fund allows the Who to continue to monitor and understand the spread of the virus, to guarantee to the patients the care they need, and the workers first-line supplies all the essential information, in addition to help to accelerate efforts to develop vaccines, tests and treatments.”

Also, the pop star will perform. From home. “We want to put in light the global community and to celebrate the power of the human spirit – has written yet Lady Gaga – . We will continue to raise funds, but I want to tell you… that this transmission is not a fundraiser. We will collect the money before going on the air, so when we go live, you will put away your wallets and sit there and enjoy the show that you all deserve so much. I love you all”.

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The pop star said he has already raised more than $ 35 million in a week and are used to purchase medical supplies and equipment for test and laboratories: “this money will be used for Ppe and kit for testing all over the world. It is important to think globally and to support the World Health Organization to reduce the pandemic, and preventing future outbreaks”.



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