Lady Gaga will play a villain in the new Disney movie? We all know this character!

Lady Gaga has opened her podcast.  When is the premiere?  Where to listen?
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Lady Gaga has opened her podcast. When is the premiere? Where to listen?

Lady Gaga is one of the biggest stars in the world. Many people call her the new queen of pop, and she has recently also been appreciated as an actress. Everyone remembers her role in The Birth of a Star, for which she received an Oscar nomination. Now there have been rumors that she will appear in a new Disney movie. What character would she play?

Lady Gaga unexpectedly became one of the most coveted actresses in Hollywood. Her role in The Birth of a Star opened the door to a great acting career. Recently, there was a trailer for a new movie with her participation – The House of Gucci. He is to play Maurizio Gucci’s wife, who murdered him. Although the premiere is only in November, some people are already writing that this will be the role of her life, and experts have identified her as the main favorite of the Oscars 2022 in the Best Leading Actress category. However, this is not the end of her acting plans. Some time ago, Lady Gaga was seen with one of the Disney producers. According to leaks from some Hollywood employees, the star was offered a role in the new version of the famous fairy tale. She would play a villain! What role are we talking about?

Lady Gaga – how has the pop star changed?

Lady Gaga in a Disney movie?

According to Hollywood insiders, Lady Gaga would appear in a new live-action movie from Disney. I’m talking about Sleeping Beauty. Gaga would not, however, play Aurora, but the Witch, the villain of the fairy tale. Fans began to suspect that the rumors were true as Gaga recently started dressing in black, purple and gold. These are the colors found on the iconic Disney character’s costume. Is this the way he wants to convey the information that he will play the Witch? We will find out soon.

Lady Gaga – the new queen of pop?

Lady Gaga’s influence on pop music is assessed in various ways. Many people believe that she does not deserve the title of Queen of Pop, as these titles are only given to Madonna and Britney Spears. However, such a title was assigned to her by the press more than once. In 2019, the Los Angeles Times ran an article saying that “Lady Gaga is the new pop queen and Ariana Grande is the new pop princess.” Also, the US Grammy Academy said that “Lady Gaga changed music”.

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