Lady Gaga’s career. How was the star born? Age, private life

Lady Gaga is a woman of many talents. The American queen of pop, apart from music, is also known for charity work, participation in social campaigns, designing extraordinary clothing and several interesting scenes in famous film productions. The artist has millions of fans who support her at every level of fame. How did her story begin? See how a star was born!

Lady Gaga, or in fact Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, is a 35-year-old artist who wins our hearts anew with each new stage creation. The American singer does not stand still – she has a head full of ideas that she constantly shares with her fans. She is known for providing support to LGBT + people. He also often emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance. The woman is not afraid of controversial costumes, hairstyles or makeup. In her loudness and strength, however, she remains exceptionally feminine and delicate. How is this possible? How did Gaga make herself known to a wider audience?

Lady Gaga – career behind the scenes

Lady Gaga was born on March 28, 1986 in New York. Her adventure with music began relatively early. At the age of 4, the woman took her first steps learning to play the piano. Her career was undoubtedly helped by the fact that she grew up in a well-to-do family. From early childhood, she received a lot of support from her parents. Gaga’s first original composition was created when she was only 13 years old. Without stopping, the teenager tried her hand at performing on small stages. At the age of 20, she composed songs for other artists and performed in several music clubs. In 2007, in cooperation with the Def Jam label, Lady Gaga started working on her first debut album “The Fame”, which finally brought her incredible publicity. The artist independently prepared the entire concept of the concert tour, which, apart from composed music and texts, also consisted of original costumes and choreography. Another breakthrough in the career of the singer turned out to be the album “The Fame Monster”, from which we know songs such as “Bad Romance” or “Alejandro”. The next productions of the world-famous singer are: “Born This Way” (2011), “Artpop” (2013), “Cheek to Cheek” (2014), “Joanne” (2016) and the last album “Chromatica” (2020).

Lady Gaga’s film creations

In her career, Lady Gaga did not focus only on composing and ever new stage creations. The artist has also participated in several film productions. In 2015, we had the opportunity to admire her unique character in the series “American Horror Story: Hotel”, in which she played the role of the vampire Countess Elizabeth Johnson. In turn, in 2018 it showed itself from a completely different side. Lady Gaga surprised many of us by playing the lead role in the movie “A Star is Born”. The next step in Lady Gaga’s career is the creation of Ally – a modest, but extremely talented American waitress. In the film, she starred alongside Bradley Cooper, who, playing the role of a world-famous stage star, saw its uniqueness and helped him reach the top. A touching production, complete with a thrilling and breathtaking soundtrack, could not go unnoticed. The film “A star is born” received eight nominations for the prestigious Oscar award. Finally, Lady Gaga and her film partner received this award for the performance of the song “Shallow”, which has had many new arrangements.

This is not the end though! Lady Gaga is also cast in Ridley Scott’s new production “House of Gucci”. In the drama, she played the main female role. She played the role of Patrizia Reggiani – the ex-wife of Maurizio Gucci. The film adaptation has not yet had its premiere. Lady Gaga fans are waiting with great impatience. The premiere of the film was announced on November 24, 2021.

Lady Gaga’s private life

Privacy and a moment of respite are abstract concepts because the whole world now reads about Lady Gaga’s life. The woman never hid her bisexuality, which gave her fans regardless of gender and sexual orientation. The artist was engaged several times, but each relationship ended in failure. With her current partner – Michael Polansky – she made her first appearance at the Super Bowl in 2020.

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