Lady Gaga’s dog walker Ryan Fisher turns to GoFundMe and explains why singer doesn’t pay for recovery on the go

Ryan Fisher, Lady GagaDog Walker, says the star did “a lot” to help him recover by shooting.

He gave his first television interview with CBS morning‘NS Gayle King included him returning to Hollywood Boulevard, where he was shot and killed along with two of the three French Bulldogs. King also asked what Gaga was doing to help him as he recovered, just as he GoFundMe led to speculation that they had an argument.

“She helped me a lot,” said Fisher of Gaga, whose two dogs, Gustav and Koji, were found shortly after they were stolen. “She was my friend. After I was attacked, my family was transported by plane. I was brought in by trauma therapists. I stayed at her house for several months while my friends comforted me and kept me safe.

When asked if they were on “very good terms”, he replied “yes”.

GoFundMe Theme – Comes Because Matt Fisher RV During his self-promoted wellness and recovery trip, King asked why he needed one, he had raised $ 45,000 so far if Gaga was that rich.

“LG is very supportive of my journey right now,” said Fisher, who had walked the star’s dogs for six years before the shooting but is so scared that he can’t walk the dogs right now. “I think people have a hard time understanding why someone would heal this way,” he said, referring to his plans to spend time in retreat centers, trauma programs, homeopaths, innovators and spiritual leaders.

Referring to his upbringing as a Catholic, in the Jesuit faith, Fisher said he had given up everything – what he did before the trip (apartment, car, his things, and work that he was too shaky to return to) – in order to “Support society. I know a lot of people don’t make sense, but she totally gets it. “

The King did not ask for Fisher’s Assistant, claims For Me A rolling rock. Elisha Ault told Gaga that her team refused to pay the down payment after Fisher went on a trip. Ault said they expected Gaga to compensate Fisher for the six months he traveled, but claimed that she was told Gaga would only provide financial support if he was there. Photography abroad. She returned to Los Angeles three months after the shooting.

At the end of the clip, King’s announcer Nate Burleson asks why Gaga, worth over $ 300 million, is not simply paying for Fischer’s trip instead of asking strangers for money. Or why she didn’t just pay his annual salary after he gave his life for her dogs.

“Here’s the thing, Nate – she paid all his medical bills, he lived in her house, has trauma therapists,” King replied. “He doesn’t want that. This is what it is all about. I do not want this. I want to go on this journey. I want to do it myself. “

She added: “One last thing [Fischer] She wants people to feel that Gaga has let him down because she continues to support him in whatever way she has to. What is this he is He wants to do it. “

During the interview, Fisher gave details of his injury in which the bullet hit the side of his neck and came down his shoulder blade. The top part of his lung was removed and then he returned to the hospital for a second operation to remove the lower part of the same lung. He also had broken ribs. Six months later, he still has medical injuries – possibly for life.

Between physical pain and trauma: “Some days are great and some weeks are not,” said Fisher. “These have been the big ups and downs of the last few months.”

For his part, Fisher also returned to Hollywood Boulevard, where two dogs were shot. He saw a man come to his aid that night and keep him awake until the paramedics arrived.

A total of five people were arrested to Shoot and Steal Dogs. James Jackson, 18; Jaylene White, 19; and Lafayette Wally, 27, charged with one charge of attempted murder, conspiracy to commit theft Second degree theft. Jackson also faces one charge of assault with a semi-automatic firearm and a criminal carrying a concealed firearm in the vehicle. White is accused of assault with force that could seriously injure him.

In addition, White’s father, Harold White, 40, and his girlfriend, Jennifer McBride, 50, were charged with an accessory offense. McBride handed over the dogs to the police in the hope of a $ 500,000 reward, so she faces one charge of receiving stolen property. Harold was also accused of possession of a firearm

Fischer said he actually feels very sympathetic to his attackers and is considering possible prison sentences. Jackson, the accused bandit, faces life imprisonment if convicted.

Three of the five are due to appear in court on Friday.

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