Largo Veratti, the “popular” corner between occupations and illegal activities from where the punitive expedition of San Camillo was born

The emergency room of San Camillo in Rome besieged for almost four hours by 25 people. A pack that awaits the release of a relative involved in a fight and then has passed to the de facto ways. On Monday 19 September, long moments of fear were experienced between the Viale Marconi area and the emergency room on the Gianicolense.

Tension also inside the hospital where at least five people in the group, all coming from the slum in vicolo Savini according to the first reconstructions, attacked a patient and threatened the health personnel who tried to prevent the beating. The victim, a 42-year-old man, around 10 in the morning had scolded a Roma in a building in Largo Veratti after having surprised him, according to him, tinkering suspiciously on some electricity meters in public housing.

The ambush at San Camillo

At that point a fight broke out between the two, to which the 42-year-old’s partner was added. All three were injured. A background of what then happened to San Camillo. The case is now under investigation and the prosecutor has opened a file for injuries. The carabinieri have also acquired the images of the hospital’s video surveillance and are working to clarify, as well as the dynamics of the revenge-flavored blitz, also on the context in which the morning dispute broke out.

The Largo Veratti area

Largo Veratti, for some time now, has often ended up in the headlines. The campo in vicolo Savini is just a 15-minute walk from the “popular” corner, a strip of territory that falls within the VIII town hall, but which overlooks viale Marconi in all respects. A few meters from the shops of Viale Marconi and a few minutes from the center of Rome, however, it seems to be in the most decadent and abandoned suburbs. Public housing in the municipality of Rome built around the 1950s and divided into three groups of eleven buildings each, abandoned green areas, empty beer bottles left as trophies on the sidewalks and thefts.

Prostitution in Marconi

And then the problem of prostitution. “Largo Veratti – says a resident – becomes every night an ideal place for prostitutes and for seclusion with customers. Even inside the gardens and hallways of the buildings to consume their sexual relations, leaving condoms everywhere”. All this in spite of the fact that a sort of anti-prostitution wall was also built up by the administration and which is not frightening.

The difficult coexistence – so to speak – with prostitutes represents a theme that the residents have repeatedly pointed out, but it is not the only one. The real “plague”, according to some, is the series of thefts and attempted occupations in the apartments of Largo Veratti, right where – according to the first reconstruction made by the carabinieri – the 42-year-old and his companion, victims of the punitive expedition of 25 people, have reproached the Roma who was, according to them, “tinkering with the electricity meters” of a public building.

Theft and occupational risk

This is the real hot topic for those who live there. “We have not yet been able to understand why they do it but it is not the first time. Maybe for the copper. Or maybe he wanted to sneak into the building and was” disturbed “by that couple”, says a man who lives there and who prefers to stay. anonymous. On the other hand, those who live off Veratti find it hard to tell that reality. Last July we told the story of “Paolo” on RomaToday and in doing so we decided to use an invented name. He has lived there for years, a regular assignee of a council house.

Yet one night someone set fire to the door of his apartment: “I didn’t understand if they wanted to see if I was in the house to steal inside, but then why not stop on the first try and do it again later? Maybe they wanted to see if the house had lived for. occupy it? “, he wondered. The same person told us that the night after the punitive expedition to San Camillo saw a series of “police patrols to control the area of ​​Largo Veratti, as never seen before” and that, in his opinion, there are often people who “explore the possibility of occupying public housing in those buildings”.

The theme of thefts and wild occupations off Veratti is nothing new. A social housing house at number 37 has repeatedly risked being illegally inhabited without rights but which was then released each time. The carabinieri who investigate the punitive expedition to San Camillo do not want to leave anything to chance, even the question of occupations and thefts in Largo Veratti.

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