Larissa Manoela launches album and says she is ‘more mature, sensual and straight talk’

SÃO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – Larissa Manoela is in a new phase. At the age of 21, the actress and singer had already shown her maturity on TV and in the movies, but now she wants to show that she also grew up in music, with the album “Larissa Manoela a Milhão”, which she releases this Friday (20).

The new work arrives after three years. The first recordings took place in 2019 and, like almost everything in the artistic world, were paralyzed by the pandemic. New recordings took place in 2020, in addition to a lot of stoning, until completion now.

“I think that all this had the positive side of maturing, I was able to work well on these songs, I had time to build. The songs now reach another place. They vibrate, they are dancing, they have personality”, evaluated the singer in a conversation with the press.

Regarding the rhythms, Larissa says she was influenced by what she usually hears at home: pop, funk and a little reggaeton. The lyrics “are more mature. They talk about something I believe in and sometimes I’ve also lived through it”, completes Larissa.

“People will feel this difference. It will be interesting to see me in this more mature, more sensual place, more straight, direct. There was a Larissa as a singer and now, in this transition phase, there is another one, diving, challenging and daring too. .”

The actress is currently on the air as Isadora, in “Além da Illusion”, her first soap opera on Globo. Empowered character for the period of the plot, which takes place in the 1940s, with the right to rebellion and even sex scenes. Something new for those who saw Larissa in “Carousel” (SBT, 2012-2013).

Still, the artist says she doesn’t want to shock anyone. Mentioning Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande, who also appeared in the art world at a very young age, Larissa claims that she wants to show this new moment of hers without making a break.

Constantly describing herself as “Capricorn and workaholic”, after this busy time, with a soap opera on the air and the release of an album, she should take time to travel and rest once “Beyond Illusion” ends.

Still, she already has plans for a new Netflix movie and intends to revamp her latest musical tour to go out again across the country with this new work. “If it does, I want my sixth tour to make a visual impact,” she says.

For now, she continues to wiggle to keep her job, which she claims consumes “almost 100% of Larissa”, but without losing her personal life. Living in Rio de Janeiro, she says she doesn’t neglect her physical training and going out with friends.

“Yes, it is possible to have a personal life. I enjoy this phase in a special, peaceful way, as much as possible. Most of my friendships are created in work processes and they are special for me not to forget that there is more beyond projects .”

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