“Lautaro is instinct, Gosens is fundamental. Liverpool? I remember that delinquent referee”

“Having entered the Inter Hall of Fame is a great source of pride, a point of arrival. I thought the icing was the night in Madrid, but I realized that entering the Hall of Fame completed a splendid journey.” . He says it Marco Materazziinterviewed by Gazzetta dello Sport.

How important is it for Inzaghi that Lautaro is unlocked?
“A lot. The Bull he was always trying to find the best way to score, often moving the ball one too many times to make sure he wasn’t making a mistake. But in this way he had lost his instinct, which is his true strength. As we have seen against Salernitana “.

Are you among those who think that Lautaro is less comfortable with Dzeko than Lukaku?
“The great players have no problem playing together. On Friday they scored 5 goals in two. It may have been against Salernitana, but they are still 5 goals in Serie A”.

Gosens is a goalscorer defender like you. How important is her implantation?
“Fundamentally, Inzaghi has to find a way to get him and Perisic to play together. My record for goals (12 in 2000-01, ed.)? If anyone really has to beat him, I hope he’s an Inter player.”

Was Inter in February more of a head or leg problem?
“When against Sassuolo and Genoa you shoot so many times without scoring, bad luck also weighs. But probably someone is also taking a breath.”

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