Lea Michele joined the celebration of the Oscars with the look height of the season ¡Mírala!

Lea Michele

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The star of Glee showed a side of sexy too that we did not know…

You may Lea Michele not have formed part of the ceremony of the Oscars 2018however, the actress knew how to become one of the great protagonists of the night.

This Sunday, Hollywood was flooded with star. Some headed to the Dolby Theatre, the other attended special screenings of the show, and the others just waited to start the after parties.

E! NEWS > Lea Michele had to evacuate your house in the middle of the voracious fire in Los Angeles.

Michele could not miss this great night, so I got into the dress hottest we could find and went to the Viewing Party of the Academy Awards organized by Elton John and his foundation against aids.

What she wore the actress left everyone with the wedding open?

Read showed that it is better than ever wearing a black dress and gold highlight thanks to its quite marked neckline.

E! NEWS > get to Know the plan that Lea Michele has thought about the future of Glee!

Lea Michele


E! NEWS > wait A minute! Do the Charlie Puth confirmed that came out in secret with Lea Michele?

Many would be afraid to carry a design as daring, but not Michele, who even suffered a small accident when he went up to his car. The star of Scream Queens it was captured by the paparazzi in an unexpected moment, when the upper part of her dress was shifted left one of her breasts to the view.

Read handled the moment like a professional, gave it little importance and continued enjoying the evening in the company of her friend Nikki Reed.

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