League of Legends LoLdle Answers 558 (Tuesday, January 16, 2024)

The League of Legends LoLdle answer for January 16, 2024 is finally here. This online game features five unique puzzles. Notably, it tests your League of Legends knowledge, with each question having vague clues related to a different hero. Additionally, players can share their results on social media platforms.

Here is LoLdle’s quote puzzle from January 16th:

“You can’t tame the desert.”

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Braum, Sivir and Others League of Legends Patch 558 LoLdle Answers (January 16, 2024)

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The solution to the League of Legends LoLdle January 16th puzzle is as follows:

  • classic: Braum
  • Quote: Sivir
  • ability: Nami bonus:E
  • Emoticons: clyde
  • Splash Art: I don’t; bonus: Battle Academy Yone

Braum is a powerful auxiliary hero from the Freljord region in League of Legends. The beefy hero debuted in 2014. Despite a player’s best efforts, it may be difficult to decipher Sivir’s quote.

That said, it should be easy to identify Nami’s E ability, as both ranked and professional players use her as a support character. Kled’s emoji puzzles can be tough to crack, marking yet another step up in difficulty. Finally, getting to know Yone’s Battle Academy splash art shouldn’t cause any problems.

Previous League of Legends LoLdle Answers

Here are some previous answers from LoLdle:

  • January 15, LoLdle 557: Nocturne, Belvais, Ike, Warwick, Kyle
  • January 14, LoLdle 556: Olaf, Diana, Shaco, Renekton, Nautilus
  • January 13, LoLdle 555: Varus, Cassiopeia, Nasus, Senna, Zion
  • January 12, LoLdle 554: Yuumi, Shen, Udyr, LeBron, Jarvan IV
  • January 11, LoLdle 553: Draven, Hecarim, Galio, Gwen, Nami
  • January 10, LoLdle 552: Lissandra, Graves, Nico, Morgana, Singed
  • January 9, LoLdle 551: Blitzcrank, Kyle, Qiyana, Teemo, Fiora
  • January 8, LoLdle 550: Hecarim, Syndra, Blair, Karma, Taric
  • January 7, LoLdle 549: Amumu, Delevingne, Shen, Samira, Wei
  • January 6, LoLdle 548: Korchi, Ashe, Kalista, Blitz, Janna
  • January 5, LoLdle 547: Fiora, Jhin, Caitlyn, Neeko, Sejuani
  • January 4, LoLdle 546: Karma, Kha’Zix, Naferi, Galen, Talon
  • January 3, LoLdle 545: Zoe, Kasumi, Gwen, Annie, Scanner
  • January 2, LoLdle 544: Mordekaiser, Leona, Karma, Zac, Volibear
  • January 1, LoLdle 543: Ryze, Renata Glaske, Evelyn, Jax, Poppy
  • December 31, LoLdle 542: Galen, Serafina, Darius, Master Yi, Sivir
  • December 30, LoLdle 541: LeBron, Twitch, Lucian, Milio, Kassadin
  • December 29, LoLdle 540: Nasus, Zoe, Ivern, Ryze, Graves
  • December 28, LoLdle 539: Luo, Amumu, Xant, Cassiopeia, Belvis

The answer to the 559th League of Legends LoLdle will be announced on January 17, 2024.

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