Lega, Bossi challenges the party and founds the Northern Committee: “Necessary to win back the voters”

Within a few days he risked leaving Parliament after 35 years, was a possible candidate for a life senator for several hours and returned through the main door of the Chamber after the mistake of the Interior Ministry which had excluded him. The Senatùr Umberto Bossi continues to serve in the political scene and today, 1 October, launches a new challenge for the north: the founder of the League aims to “give new life to the autonomist project” egofficially marks the birth of the “Northern Committee“. How did he know Adnkronoslater confirmed by Handleit is an internal initiative to Premier League for Salvini, wanted by Bossi in a delicate moment for the party. «It is a vital step», Bossi explained, «aimed exclusively to win back the voters of the North, given the electoral result of 25 September, to relaunch the autonomist push“.

The invitation to join the Northern Committee is for members of the League for Salvini premier, as the founder himself points out, who thus calls to report all those who “want to commit themselves with renewed enthusiasm to conquer the objectives that were the basis of the founding of the League in March 1984“. Despite the victory of the center-right, the elections of 25 September were a disappointing test case for the party led by Matteo Salvini. With the’8.8% of preferences, the head of the Carroccio distanced himself from Forza Italia (8.2%) for a few hundredths of a percentage, leaving the field free to 26% obtained by Giorgia Meloni and Fratelli d’Italia. Result with which the League is now called to deal, apparently also with the intervention of its historic founder. From what Bossi reports the project Northern Committee it would be at an advanced stage: “The foundations for the organizational structure of the Committee have already been laid,” he announced.

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