Legia made a decision about the Pope. What about Raków?

It is still not known when Marek Papszun will become the coach of Legia Warsaw. Because the question “will it stay” seems only rhetorical. The Polish champion would like the trainer from Raków Częstochowa to appear at Łazienkowska Street as soon as possible, but still has not started negotiations with the club bosses from the south of Poland. According to Interia, there will be no such talks, because although Legia wants a 47-year-old coach, not at any cost.

– I can confirm that we want to communicate with Papszun and his staff. If it is not possible to hire him in winter, we are ready to wait until the end of the season. I believe that Marek, with the right working conditions in Legia, is currently the best candidate to develop our team in the coming years – with these words from an interview published on Legia’s official website, Mioduski revealed all the cards and introduced anxiety in football world. After all, the president of the Polish champion officially announced the willingness to hire a coach who still has a valid contract.

The owner of Raków, Michał Świerczewski, responded sharply to Mioduski’s words. In an interview with the Meczyki.pl portal, the head of the Polish runners-up admitted: “The president of Legia very often publicly emphasizes the importance of respect between Ekstraklasa clubs in order to build a strong league together. However, I perceive these words as a complete contradiction of this attitude – in particular to the smaller club. It is indirectly interfering with our interests. “

Świerczewski’s reaction was greatly influenced by the fact that Legia so far – as Interia informed a week ago was the first – had not made any contact with Rakow regarding the termination of the Pope’s contract. And this one lasts until the end of the season. Thus, the transfer of the matter to the media without behind-the-scenes talks was treated by the inhabitants of Częstochowa as an affront.

As we have established, the Legia authorities intend to be consistent and do not plan to negotiate with the owner of Raków. It is true that the declaration of willingness to hire a trainer as soon as possible is still valid, but not at any cost. The burden of possible talks was therefore to be transferred to the Pope himself, who has known Świerczewski for years and has friendly relations with him. However, if the coach and his supervisor fail to reach an agreement, the legionnaires have a plan to wait patiently for the contract with Raków to expire. If this happens, it will mean that Papszun will not go to Legia until summer.

At Łazienkowska, they also reject accusations of disrespect towards Raków. According to the words of Legia representatives with whom we spoke, the loud saying about the willingness to win the Papshun was to unambiguously cut through media speculations about the future of the 47-year-old, who has been connected with the Warsaw team for many months. Such motivation of the legionnaires is confirmed by the employees of Raków, who informed us that a similar argument – to make the matter clear – was to be used by Mioduski in the Friday conversation with the president of Raków, Wojciech Cygan.

The unveiling of the cards was also supposed to end discussions about the possible return of Stanisław Czerczesow or Henning Berg to the capital. This is because Legia is determined to be the Pope and intends to hire him at any cost – even a few lost months. Therefore, the heads of the club decided that transparency would be a strength in this situation.

And although Mioduski’s words were perceived as arrogance, in Warsaw they are treated completely differently: as an open announcement of changes. Moreover, the preparatory work for the coming of the Pope was in full swing. The first step is to hire Paweł Tomczyk, a sports deputy director a few days ago, with whom he cooperated in Raków.

In addition, there are the conditions of employment of the Pope, unusual for Polish realities, which are already established. The trainer is to receive not only a five-year contract and a great influence on the transfers (Czesław Michniewicz, who has not been released recently), but also a record salary. According to Sport.pl, Papszun is to collect 250,000 PLN every month. PLN, or PLN 3 million per year.

Sebastian Staszewski, Interia

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