Legia.Net – Legia Warsaw – Karol Noiszewski: I’m glad to be here

– Coming to Legia six months ago, I wanted – above all – to be promoted to the 2nd league with reserves, because that was the goal. It is known that probably every young player, even hitting the second team, has at the back of his head that there may be a chance in the “number one”. I had it on the back of my head too. Did I expect to go to a camp with the first band or be invited to training? I don’t know, I just trained hard, fought, and I succeeded – said Karol Noiszewski, a football player from the capital club.

– Differences between the first and the second team? Much greater intensity, faster pace of play, resulting from the much higher skills of individual players. This is the main difference.

– Do I count that I will keep my place in the “one” squad? I work hard every day and we’ll see what time will bring after the training camp. I’m not focusing on that yet. I think from day to day about the next training session to show my best performance. We’ll see what will happen after the camp.

– I did not talk to coach Gołębiewski (he returned to training the reserves – ed.), But I suspect that the coach wishes me the best, that I would stay here as long as possible.

– How do I feel physically? I’m a bit tired, but I expected the training to be very hard. I heard that the classes with coach Vukovic were hard – and then it paid off. I suppose that will be the case now. So I was prepared for it. I feel okay. I’m happy I’m here. The thought that this is the first team of Legia, the best club in Poland, overshadows fatigue. There is more joy to be here than complaining that it is hard and that I cannot cope.

– You can definitely not complain about the conditions for training. Is fine. Sunshine, great pitches, great complex. Nothing but work hard.

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