Legia.Net – Legia Warsaw – Patryk Sokołowski: I hope that I will help you overcome the crisis situation

– Acclimatization, after switching to a new team, always takes place. But they are new teammates, I need to get to know them all – not only on the pitch but also off the pitch so that we get along well. I think the acclimatization is going very well. There’s no issues. There was a very strong, fun job done throughout the week. Everything is conducive to entering the team as well as possible.

– The coach has already talked to me about what – more or less – role he sees me on the pitch. Of course, we also learn everything at the camp, during briefings – how we want to play defensively and offensively. I think it will be harmonious. And depending on what the needs will be, the trainer will probably use me on the pitch.

– When I was a little boy and I started playing for Legia, I always dreamed of going to the stadium at Łazienkowska Street in her T-shirt – in front of Żyleta, the stands and the fans. It has always been my dream which I think I will be able to fulfill. You know, the club is in a difficult position right now, especially in the table. I hope that I will do my best and help you get out of the crisis, and then you have to keep working hard. And we’ll see where it takes us.

– With this transfer, perhaps the sentiments did not win, but the plan for further development. Together with my agent, we decided that I would be able to develop further in Legia. Money played a secondary role. I had financially better offers, e.g. from Russia, but my priority was development and the will to be a better and better player. I think that in the Warsaw club there are conditions for this, both when it comes to the training staff, the team or all things around, such as Legia Training Center. I think it might push me further.

The video material can be viewed at sport.tvp.pl.

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