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Marek Papszun is to be a coach for years – selected and awaited – informs “Przegląd Sportowy”, citing sources at Łazienkowska Street. The contract is to be for three or five years and will guarantee a record-breaking salary for the coach in the Polish league – even PLN 250,000. zloty. Since when? From winter or, more likely, from the new season.

Why would the election of Marek Papshun end differently than the election of other trainers? – Until now, it was so that when the team moved away from the Polish championship, they reacted quickly and selected not those who were wanted, but those who were available on the market. The selection was also guided by the features that the predecessor lacked. Usually that helped, because the team finished the league in first place. But for a longer period it did not make sense, because other drawbacks of the coach were highlighted – they say in the club building.

President Dariusz Mioduski admits that it was a mistake to say goodbye to quickly Jacek Magierathat they should go through the first crisis together, and the change of coach caused a spin of changes. It seemed that Czesław Michniewicz would be the first coach to be in Legia for a long time, but from the beginning there was no trust in this relationship, and the distrust was only greater with time. Although you can hear that Michniewicz’s conversations with Mioduski were always factual and met with understanding, but then there was dissatisfaction in the offices and the chairman’s aides began to make him.

The coming of Papszun will mean a number of changes in the sports division, management and the team itself. The current season will likely be the last one for Andre Martins, Rafael Lopes and Tomas Pekhart. Papszun is familiar with Radosław Kucharskilike each other, which gives hope for a successful cooperation. The role of the Czech company 11-hacks, which recommended players to the club in the last two transfer windows, is to be marginalized. In Legia, powers overlap, different factions clash, which leads to misunderstandings – this is also to be changed. The work of the first team’s coach with the second team or the academy’s staff is to be integrated.

The entire text can be read on the “Przegląd Sportowy” pages.

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