Legia.Net – Legia Warszawa – Rafał Rostkowski: According to Legia’s regulations, a penalty was due

What should be analyzed in this situation? First of all, it was necessary to check what happened after the ball was played from the free kick, when the ball was already flying towards the penalty area.

1. Ball flight phase – Nobody reported any violation of the rules here.

During the flight or after the legionnaire hit the ball, was there any breach of the rules, such as a foul, prior to the contact between Pelle and the Hołownia? Not.

2. Was it burnt? It is not known …

Hołownia was coming back from Cracovia’s goal, where he was very close to the offside line, either perfectly in the offside line with the penultimate player of the defending team, or behind the offside line, i.e. in the offside position. In the latter case, due to his activity, he should be considered offside, interrupted the game for this reason and an indirect free kick for Cracovia. Unfortunately, we do not know how it was in this situation, because we did not see the shots from the camera set at the height of the penalty area during the TV broadcast … We do not know whether VAR judges had such a shot. If he had been offside, there would of course be no penalty for hitting the face with an elbow, but hitting himself, regardless of offside, should be counted as a reckless foul. The referee should absolutely show a yellow card.

3. If the offenses were simultaneous, the more serious offenses should be punished

If there was no offside, it would have to be determined whether Hołownia was the first to foul a Cracovia player before hitting his elbow in the face. On Sunday, this possibility seemed to be a purely theoretical supposition, but when a recording of this situation appeared on social media showing the incident from behind both players’ backs, it turned out that Hołownia was certainly not the first to foul, and if at all, the fight for the position on his part could be would be interpreted as a foul, it happened a fraction of a second later or possibly at the same time that Pelle elbowed him in the face. According to the regulations, if two offenses occur at the same time, the judge should punish the more serious offense. In this situation, it was an elbow strike in the face, so the correct decision in this situation could only be one: a penalty kick for Legia and a yellow card for Pelle.

People trained by the Polish Football Association tell you that Legia did not receive a penalty kick in the match against Cracovia, because “the elbow hit in the face was accidental, the Cracovia player did not want to, he had no intention to foul”, and he “didn’t even see” the legionnaire. Even in the current “Rules of the game”, in the edition for the season 2021/2022, which PZPN for some reason has not yet published on its website pzpn.pl, on page 123 we read: “The rules of the game omit the concept of deliberation in assessing the player’s behavior in the fight for the ball (except in the case of touching the ball with your hand) “,

and a little further on, on pages 123 and 124, there is a very clear and emphatic statement:

“The judges should assess the effect of the player’s actions, and not the reason for his actions. The player cannot justify his attack with good intentions, if, for example, he made the attack with disproportionate force, grossly beyond the limits of normal play, thus endangering the opponent or causing him to be in danger. injured. “

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