Leonardo DiCaprio has his own tree. A species from Cameroon was named after him

Scientists at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, England named the newly discovered tree species Uvariopsis dicaprio. The plant is four meters tall and has large green-yellow flowers. She was found in the Ebo Forest in Cameroon. This is the first new species described this year by botanists from a renowned English institute.

The second part of the species name of the discovered tree is a tribute to the work of the 47-year-old actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who has been involved in ecology and counteracting deforestation of endangered forests for many years. One such place is the Ebo forest of Cameroon, where a previously unknown plant was found.

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Leonardo DiCaprio voiced his opposition on social media after Cameroon authorities agreed to cutting down trees in the reserve in 2020. The decision was withdrawn a few months later by the President of Cameroon. According to the researchers in the journal PeerJ, the support of the actor partially influenced this decision.

– If consent for logging had not been withdrawn, we would probably lose this species for the harvesting of wood and incandescence, which usually occur in such places, the scientist added.

Trees of the species Uvariopsis dicaprio have been included in the plant list as a preventive measure critically endangered. The test specimen, which measures four meters in height and has only male flowers, was discovered just off one of the well-trodden paths in the forest near a camp used by biologists for 15 years. Fewer than 50 plants of this species have been identified so far.

Leonardo DiCaprio, known e.g. from such blockbuster movies as “Titanic”, “The Wolf of Wall Street” or “Inception”, he recently played the role of an astronomer in the Netflix movie entitled “Don’t Look Up”. The character played by the actor tries to draw the world’s attention to the comet approaching the Earth. The actor himself was, however criticized incl. for arriving in 2016 to collect an environmental award in a private jet.

The star of Netflix’s Don’t Look Up he is not the first known person to be honored in this way. Scientists from Kew have been cultivating this tradition for 150 years. The Caribbean parasitic crustacean was named after reggae musician Bob Marley, the Australian horse fly was named after the singer Beyonce, and the frog species was named after the English Prince Charles.

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