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Vitamin D is very important for our body. You know which food we can find it most in?

Vitamin D: this food is very rich in it
Vitamin D: this food is very rich in it (Pixabay)

Vitamin D it is very important for our body. Some of us may have one shortage of this vitamin that would lead to give, in the long run, neurological symptoms And neuromuscularhow involuntary muscle contractions, difficulty of concentration e mental confusion, weakness and unjustified tiredness, anxiety and sleep disturbances.

This vitamin is very important for the health of our bones and teeth. There are several ways to take it, but above all with a food, with which in addition to stocking up on Vitamin D, we could fill up with fiber, vitamins and antioxidants.

Are you curious to find out what this very important food is? Most of the Vitamin D is produced by our body, but to get more we would have to eat a lot lean meatssuch as the liver, or some types of fishsuch as herring.

In addition to these foods, a lot of vitamin D can be found in both egg yolk than in mushroomswhich contain, among other things, in addition to vitamin D, also minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

Vitamin D: this food is very rich in it

The mushroomstherefore, they contain a lot of this vitamin and even if they are found mainly in the colder seasons, they can also be found in the other seasons.

There are many recipes that concern mushrooms, which can be a food that can be used, both as a first course and as a side dish for meat, for example.

Thanks also to fatty acids contained in this food, are also very important for the circulatory system.

However, not all types of mushrooms contain vitamin D. Among the most important examples are the porcino, the morel, the ovule, the chanterelle and the nail; the champignon (which is also called champignon or Portobello) instead not neither it contains too little of it neither too.

Vitamin D: this food is very rich in it
The Mushroom is the food that contains the most vitamin D (Pixabay)

Another way to acquire more vitamin D is to spend more time in sunlight: in fact, with the arrival of summer you should have more chances to be able to spend under the sun.

To find out more, we recommend that you contact your doctor. After reading the article, what do you think?

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