Letta and Pd in ​​the grip of ghosts: now they cry out for “democracy”

Black shadows. A past that returns, with violence. And the flame, that flame in the symbol. And again: the past, always the past. The ghosts, the black shadows in fact, that threaten the present. And then the fascism that, even if the last century has taken it away, it risks coming back, always. And then the Italian Constitution. Threatened, of course. The risk of it being defaced, torn, trampled, thus opening the doors to the dictatorship. This is the painting today by Enrico Letta and you give him in the newspapers and on talk shows. A dystopian today raged by ghosts who only see them and by black shadows that throw them into a collective delirium completely detached from reality.

The last foothold is Berlusconi’s proposal to reform the Constitution. Presidentialism, direct election of the head of state. Nothing new. It had already been talked about in the past, finding the favor of many constitutionalists. The Democratic Party, however, has folded the words of the Knight by drawing the weapons of the usual demagogic propaganda. Today, for example, al Corriere della Sera Andrea Orlando He says: “The right wants a concentration of powers and a different balance with respect to the tradition of European democracies. We are not faced with nostalgics for regimes of the past, but admirers of regimes of the present. democratization with which the exponents of the Italian right flirted not by chance “. According to her, once in the government, the center-right would aim to transform the current democracy into a “democracy”, that is (explains Treccani) into a “political regime based on the formal rules of democracy, but inspired in its behavior by a substantial authoritarianism”.

In an interview with Press Enrico Letta he does not speak of democracy or dictatorship but the accusation he throws at the center-right is just as serious and completely far-fetched. “This right – he declares – wants to smash the constitution”. Then he argues: “The message of the right is the strong man, simplify everything, typical of Bolsonaro, Trump and Orban. You vote for a person and then you take off liturgies and trappings”. According to the secretary piddì, presidentialism is “profoundly contrary to the spirit of our constitution which has fundamental rebalancing points within it”. On the same wavelength, in this delirium of overthrown democracies and new despots, he also took sides Romano Prodi that a Republic he says that “Berlusconi’s statements confirm how high the risk Italian democracy is exposed to if this right wins”.

The criticisms of the presidentialism and the delusions about the risk of dictatorship in Italy are the last blows of a democratic party without arguments and in evident difficulty. These blanks come after weeks of unfounded controversy over the past of the Brothers of Italy. Controversy that, despite having the same Melons reiterated (for the umpteenth time) that “the Italian right has consigned fascism to history for decades, unambiguously condemning the deprivation of democracy and the infamous anti-Jewish laws”have been trimmed with the odd request to remove the flame from the symbol. All instrumental accusations that have a single, desperate goal: to try to strengthen the blind hatred of the left towards the center-right.

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