Letta’s plan B is the Democratic Party alone in the elections: “Calenda like Renzi, does he want to blow everything up?”

Officially Enrico Letta’s Democratic Party is working for reach an agreement that holds together Carlo Calenda and Nicola Fratoianni. Meanwhile, however, the secretary prepare a plan B. Because she does not want to lose the elections “at the table”. And because the “all against all” that was unleashed between Bonelli and Di Maio on one side and the leader of Action on the other hand, it risks being a rejection for voters. And so, while today the umpteenth “decisive” meeting is being prepared and hopes an understanding in 24 hoursmeanwhile Letta thinks of a minimum agreement with the list of Democrats and Progressives. Because, it is the reasoning, it is better to aim for 30% of the votes in a solitary and identity race than to end up doing the same result by taking with you a contentious coalition. In which the former Minister of Development seems to play the role of Matteo Renzi. That is the one who wants to blow everything up.

The party against the ally

There is nervousness in the party. A leader of the lefthe says today The print, defines Calenda as a Renzi 2.0: «It is a by-product of political communication. We must confirm the alliance with SI and Verdi, then he does what he wants ». An exponent of the Italian Left is more Machiavellian: “he fears that Renzi’s Third Pole will make him lose votes and then he gets upset.” While always within the Democratic Party it is remembered that Action had to ferry the (presumed) votes out of the center-right and not from Fratoianni. And the danger is that “all this betting game” will produce “a bleeding of the Democratic Party in terms of colleges and seats to please the allies ».

On the other side of the front, however, we remember that in the meeting between Action and Pd yesterday they remembered the points of the signed agreement. «Our pact clearly reaffirms the position on NATO, Agenda Draghi. If the Democratic Party signs an antithetical one, it is clear that ours is torn apart “. Instead, according to Letta “everyone must take a step back: giving up building this broad coalition means not entering the field and giving it to the right at the table”. Who takes this responsibilityis the reasoning reported by the newspaper, he will explain it to the voters. The Pd leader became cold in front of Calenda’s obstinacy about his “either or”. Last Monday Letta had recalled that for him “the handshake is everything”, and at this point of handshaking with Calenda, within a week, there were two.

The losing coalition

Letta doesn’t want to stay with the lit match in his hand. Above all, it is the reasoning, he does not want to lose at the table. That is, he does not want to give the electorate the feeling that the Democratic Party considers the election run over before it has started. The Corriere della Sera explains today that in the rooms of the Nazarene no one believes that you want to blow up everything for a regasification plant (that is to say that of Piombino, which she also opposed in the square). In the center right there is an alliance that foresees who participated in the Draghi government and who opposed the executive of the former ECB. Yet no one cries out to scandal. While it is useless to think of political fiction prospects as a new agreement with the 5 Star Movement.

Also because Giuseppe Conte sets out to campaign with Alessandro Di Battista. Who has never made a secret of having positions quite distant (euphemism) from the Dragons Agenda. And then he has to make peace break out before war officially breaks out. As indeed, allies very close to Calenda like Emma Bonino preach. OR Bruno Tabacciwhich asks to stop with the fatwe not to end badly. Currently the polls attribute to the Democratic Party the 23.2%at Action on 3.4%to the SI-Verdi alliance on 3.2% and at the Terzo Polo di Renzi the 2.3%. These are numbers that should make those who want to run alone reflect, they say to the Nazarene.

Plan A, Plan B

For this Letta prepares plan B. A background of Republic says the leader no longer rules out the lonely race. OR the minimum alliance with the Democrats and Progressives list. The reasoning is that the Democratic Party could aim to be the first party by running alone. A political fact that would have weight in the next parliament. And it would still lead to a dignified defeat. And in perspective useful for the rematch. In the party, Dario Franceschini is instead convinced that the Democratic Party should put the allies in front of a either-or. That is either all together passionately or each on behalf of her.

“In the coalition there must be a left leg and a right leg, with less than this there would be no conditions”, the deputy secretary reasoned in his talks yesterday. Peppe Provenzano. To date, this remains a plan B. Letta aims to close alliances in the evening and then start the real electoral campaign on Monday. The one against the right. Otherwise the road is drawn. And the solitary race will no longer be a hypothesis but a certainty.

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