Lewandowski and the royal offer for 75 million euro! We show the contract with Real!

  • Exactly 8 years ago, on January 4, 2014, Robert Lewandowski signed a contract with Bayern Munich. The contract entered into force six months later – on July 1, 2014. This is how the most beautiful adventure of a Polish footballer in a foreign club began
  • Before the Polish sniper was tied to the German tycoon, a real fight broke out for the player, and Real Madrid made sky-high offers, almost at the last moment. In fact, even the then Lewandowski club, i.e. Borussia Dortmund, preferred the Pole to play in Madrid, not Munich
  • Onet Sport revealed the provisions of the contract that Lewandowski could sign with Real
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There was a lot of speculation, but the documents that we showed last year showed specific amounts: for signing the contract with Królewski, Lewandowski would receive EUR 10.9 million gross. For each season of the game in Spain, he would get EUR 8.6 million gross. In addition, there would be an agreement for Real to use 50 percent. rights to the image of a footballer. After signing it, a Pole would collect EUR 1.9 million gross of a one-off bonus. Each year the contract is in force, Real would also pay the player 1.5 million euro gross.

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The total of the 6-year contract of the Polish representative (July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2020) with the Królewski family, without additional performance bonuses, would amount to EUR 75.5 million gross.


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This contract could change Polish football

Perhaps there was also another suggestion. Paweł Wilkowicz’s book “Niensycony” mentions a 6-year contract worth a total of EUR 81 million. It was supposed to be a “last minute” offer made in November 2013.

Kucharski said in the book: – Everyone had dilemmas then. Real Madrid is a great club. It evokes emotions. When he comes back for you, it works for your self-esteem. But we had an appointment with Bayern and we wanted to play fair, keep our word. I quickly figured it out, Robert needed a little more time. We once gave our word to Borussia Dortmund that we only wanted to join this club. Likewise, we gave Bayern our word. I knew we would do well in the long run if we kept our promise. Robert, it cost about 20 million euros. A lot of me too. But neither of us regretted it.


Bayern Munich fell in love with Lewandowski for good in the spring of 2012. It was then that the authorities of the Munich club met Cezary Kucharski for the first time. And when on May 12 that year in the final of the German Cup the Polish representative scored three goals against Bayern, and Borussia Dortmund won 5-2, it was no longer a mercy. When Bayern wants someone in Germany, sooner or later they take him.

As Kucharski said, Lewandowski then got the consent for the transfer, but it could have happened a year later, after paying the penalty clause in the amount of EUR 28 million. However, when in 2013 Bayern returned for the “Left”, he heard “no”. Earlier, the Munich team snatched another Borussia star – Mario Goetze and the club from Dortmund could not afford to lose Lewandowski yet. He broke his word and did not let the Pole go.


It was then that the footballer and the manager decided to fulfill the contract with Borussia until the end (i.e. June 30, 2014) and leave for free. The Bosman football law authorized the Pole to sign a contract with the new club after January 1, 2014, i.e. six months before the expiry of the current contract.

Real Madrid joined the game because they also fell in love with Lewandowski’s skills. Especially in April 2013, when the Pole scored him four goals in the quarter-finals of the Champions League (Borussia won 4: 1). The Polish representative became President Florentino Perez’s unfulfilled dream, and Lewandowski was persuaded by Real leaders: Cristiano Ronaldo and Serio Ramos.

The Spaniards met Kucharski and sent offers. Well, Borussia herself preferred Lewandowski – if he was to leave – to Madrid. That only not to Bayern.


Lewandowski has been playing for Bayern since 2014. He won with this club, incl. 7 German championship titles, 3 German Cups and the Champions League. He won the title of the best Bundesliga sniper five times, and in the previous season, scoring 41 goals, he broke the record of the legendary Gerd Mueller – the number of goals in one Bundesliga season. In 2020, he also became the best footballer in the world by FIFA and he would probably also get the France Football Golden Ball if it wasn’t for the pandemic. This year he took second place.

In 354 games for Bayern he scored 324 goals and assisted 68 times.

The Pole also became the best-paid Bundesliga player, with an annual salary of up to EUR 23 million. Although he had heard earlier in Dortmund that a Pole in a German club cannot earn the most.

Lewandowski’s current contract with Bayern ends on June 30, 2023.

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