Lexus ROV Concept – into the field without exhaust fumes

Lexus unveiled the ROV (Recreational Off-highway Vehicle) Concept, a unique hydrogen-powered vehicle that combines emission-free driving with extreme off-road capability. The car has all the hallmarks of a real off-roader, with exposed suspension, a roll cage and thick tires allowing it to be driven in muddy terrain. Its dimensions are 3122 mm in length, 1725 mm in width and 1800 mm in height.

The starting point for the project was the Lexus philosophy of “people in the spotlight”. The design team wanted to create the vehicle expected of a luxury brand without compromising the performance of an ROV. A body has been designed that protects passengers well, has a characteristic Lexus grille and a sufficiently large suspension travel. Front fenders have also been added to protect against rocks or mud.

A suspension cover connected to the rear hydrogen tank protects the functional parts. The light body covered with brown paint and the suspension are designed for comfort and pleasant off-road driving. Lexus ‘L’ design front and rear lights and LEXUS rear badge are in keeping with the brand’s latest styling.

The Lexus ROV is a hydrogen vehicle, but it does not use fuel cells. It has a hydrogen internal combustion engine, which is to be distinguished by an emotional sound. The dynamic increase in torque while driving the Lexus ROV Concept is due to the high rate of hydrogen combustion. The unit itself has a capacity of 1.0 l and functions like a gasoline engine, but has a high-pressure compressed hydrogen tank, which is fed to the power unit by specially developed hydrogen injectors. Importantly, the new Lexus hydrogen engine has almost zero emissions and burns traces of engine oil while driving.


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