LG 300W Soundbar: Unmissable Offer on Amazon

Summer is also made for meeting old friends and enjoying their company in front of a movie. Often, however, the Smart TV and the best televisions although they have powerful technologies to enhance images, they do not have as much power and quality in the audio section. In this case it becomes useful to integrate the sound sector with a soundbar powerful, perhaps taking advantage of a great price, as in the case of the soundbar LG SJ3 on offer today on Amazon.

The advantage of a soundbar, compared to more expensive Home Theater systems, is that it can increase the power and improve the sound quality of movies and TV series, without taking up much space. In the case of the LG SJ3 2.1 soundbar, the peak power is 300 W, thanks to the subwoofer which alone counts for 200 W and guarantees excellent reproduction of all the nuances of bass. The power is also combined with several additional functions, such as theAdaptive Sound Control and theAuto Sound Engine. Furthermore, thanks to Bluetooth, the soundbar can be paired with any device. Today, however, it is on offer on Amazon with one 38% discount which represents a significant price cut.

LG SJ3 soundbar: technical characteristics

The soundbar LG SJ3 measures 95 cm in length, 4.7 cm in height and 7.1 cm in thickness. Therefore it can be placed under the Smart TV, simply by placing it on a shelf. The subwoofer measures over 6 ” (17cm) high, 12 ” (32cm) long and 9 ” (25cm) deep.

L’Auto Sound Engine sets the sound automatically based on the volume chosen by the user, so that no frequency goes into distortion, while theAdaptive Sound Control adjusts the sound based on the content, for example if it recognizes a dialogue during a movie. It is, therefore, one very easy to use soundbar.

With function Bluetooth Stand by the sound is activated immediately, as soon as the signal is sent by Bluetooth: the soundbar turns on automatically when the sound arrives and turns off if it is absent.

Finally, connectivity is ensured with all devices through the optical input to which the USB port is added.

LG SJ3 soundbar: the Amazon offer

There LG SJ3 soundbar already has an affordable list price costing 159 euros, but today it is on offer on Amazon at a really affordable price: 97.89 euros (- 61.11 euros, -38%). Less than a hundred euros to take home a great soundbar qualityfor good power And very easy to set up thanks to automatic adjustments.

LG SJ3 Bluetooth TV Soundbar 300W 2.1 Channels with Wireless Subwoofer

LG SJ3 Bluetooth TV Soundbar 300W 2.1 Channels with Wireless Subwoofer

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