LGBTQIAP+ and pop divas: understand the relationship between the community and the singers

The LGBTQIAP+ community has a strong connection with the pop world and, especially, with divas – understood as national and international singers who manage to stand out in the industry. Britney Spears, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus… there are many artists who manage to conquer a legion of fans who are part of the community and bring happiness to their lives by representing much more than a voice on the microphone. .

Discussions between fandoms are constant on Twitter, as is the fight for awards wins and the coveted top positions on music charts and streams. An unconditional love that makes people travel miles, spend nights awake and also helps in creating great friendships. But where did all this start?

Madonna, Donna Summer, Cher and the Creation of Pop

Lucas Felipe da Silvain your text “The history of LGBTQ+ alongside pop divas” for Philos magazine, he cited several singers who paved the way for the diva culture we know today. Remarkable artists, with strong personalities, who were very successful and performed iconic shows in their shows had existed since billie holiday and she Fitzgerald up until Maria callas, Aretha Franklin and Tina turner. But we can say that everything started to change from Cher, lady summer it is clear, Madonna.

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While they greatly influenced the sound of this genre in the 1970s and 1980s, “Madonna was decisive in being born into this rhythm and trying to break several conservative taboos in the United States at the beginning of her artistic journey, something that also became synonymous with the pop divas of the future. The rest of her career was based on subjects considered controversial such as feminism, sex, homosexuality and the criticism of the American way of life”, reflects Silva in the text.

Pop Divas as Political Agents for LGBTQIAP+

Madonna not only became the great queen of pop, but built an almost unparalleled level in terms of her pioneering spirit in defending queer individuals. In the 1980s, when AIDS exploded and a lot of misinformation was created associating the disease with this community, Madonna was not afraid to face conservatism and common sense and defend the LGBTQIAP+ community from prejudice.

The owner of “Material Girl” even launched the Vogue movement to the mainstream, including the black and queer community in the historic music video for the track that bears the same name. After her, many arrived breaking barriers and contesting conservative values ​​and morals.

Britney Spears kissing the queen of pop at the 2003 VMAs, breaking the “American dream” image; Katy Perry admitting to having kissed a girl in a song despite all her upbringing in the conservative environment; Lady Gaga releasing the acceptance anthem “Born This Way”; Miley Cyrus talking openly about her sexuality and hanging herself naked on a wrecking ball… all this not to mention the intersectionality of the fights, that is, how other topics were addressed by the divas, such as Beyoncé potently fighting racism in her songs and actions. After all, all the prejudice suffered by a queer youth is accentuated when we think of other forms of oppression that accumulate.

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All of this helped consolidate the pop world as it is today. No wonder we have the amount of criticism from conservative, Christian and prejudiced groups to “world music” and all the culture around this mainstream. Where the LGBTQIAP+ population is welcomed, those who cannot stand something that legitimizes their experiences and their movement and give the queer people a reason to live and fight are subject to criticism.

The feeling beyond activism

Even though many artists don’t appreciate embracing this fight so incisively, pop singers continue to be referenced by the LGBTQIAP+ community. It is difficult to define what came first, if it was the inspiration and identification with the female audience for the representation after so many years on the sidelines or if it was the appreciation for the alliance in the fight against prejudice. Still, the culture of admiring powerful voices that make great presentations, squander talent and have life stories that involve some kind of overcoming has remained.

How do you explain Wellthon Rafael Aguiar Leal in the search “The construction of male homosexual identities from the consumption of pop divas”“this impact of the divas on the fans was also noticed in the scope of identification as a gay man. For some, the divas allowed them to make their sexual identity explicit to the people they lived with”.

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“The cultural consumption of these singers often became a resource to exercise a femininity repressed by social gender norms; imitating the diva was a resource to perform a femininity forbidden for men, to act as one wanted. This performance, through consumption cultural, ended up breaking gender norms and breaking expectations of a compulsory heterosexuality for fans. Whereas consuming the diva and dreaming of acting sensually as she would suggest a sexual desire for the same sex/gender”.

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