Libya: The son of a deceased dictator cannot run in the presidential election

Gaddafi thus became one of the 25 candidateswho were excluded by the committee. Candidates still have the option to appeal and wait for the final court decision.

Overall, she declared her will to run for the highest office in the country 98 Libyans.

The election commission made its decision regarding the son of Gaddafiego argued that Saif al-Islam has been convicted of a crime by the Tripoli court in 2015.

A suspended death sentence he was supposed to hear too helping his father during the 2011 Libyan coup. As evidence in this trial, a recording was presented, which allegedly was Saif al-Islam, who was then in captivity, captured by revolutionaries trying to flee the country. Alone Saif al-Islam denies the accusations.

The son of the deposed Gaddafi was taken as one of the favorites in the upcoming elections. It is very popular among many inhabitants of Libya, which has been torn by civil wars for a decade. In recent years, he has been imprisoned by Muslim fighterswho decided to start working with him.

The commission’s decision exacerbated the disputes over the electoral rules, including the legal grounds for voting, including who is entitled to stand. The country is still struggling with problems with political stability and the quality of the applicable law.

Apart from the competition, there were also former prime minister Ali Zeidan and former MP Nouri Abusahmain, also treated as candidates with a good chance of winning. Some of the 98 candidates are waiting for their applications to be examined by the committee.

Prepared with the help of the United Nations presidential elections are to be held on December 24. Saif al-Islam Gaddafiit’s a son Mu’ammar al-Gaddafi, a Libyan military and politician who overthrew the monarchy and seized power in the country as a result of a palace coup in 1969. In 2011, dictatorial rule was overthrown in a civil war, and Gaddafi himself was killed in a shootout between his faithful soldiers and revolutionaries.


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