Lidl: 140 hires with new warehouse

Lidl will open a new warehouse in Sardinia and will carry out numerous staff recruitments.

The logistics center will be built in the province of Cagliari and it is estimated that it will create well 140 jobs on the territory.

Here is all the information on the expected job placements and how to apply to work at Lidl.


The well-known company, active in large-scale distribution – GDO, continues to invest in our country. After the announcement arrived in the summer of the plan for new openings, which will bring 150 new points of sale and 6 thousand hires in Lidl supermarkets in the next three years (all the details here), the Group has now announced a new project to expand the logistics network. In fact, by 2024, Lidl intends to launch a new logistics center in Assemini (Cagliari).

This is an initiative that will have a more than positive impact in terms of employment. There are really numerous jobs in the Lidl warehouse in Assemini. Specifically, it is estimated that the facility will require the recruitment of approx 140 resources.

The logistics center will be built thanks to investments for over 70 million of Euro. It will be the first Lidl warehouse in Sardinia and the twelfth in Italy. The structure, which will be completed by 2024, will cover an area of ​​more than 37 thousand square meters and will have a 1,100 kw photovoltaic panel. It will be powered entirely with energy from renewable sources and will also serve to shorten, in a perspective green, distances from shops, reducing the kilometers traveled by products and, consequently, the environmental impact due to transport. We remind you that Lidl is carrying out the ambitious project of reaching the transport decarbonisation by 2030.


As for the Lidl jobs in the new Assemini warehouse, it is easy to imagine that the hires will concern the figures typically employed in logistics. Therefore mainly warehouse workers and employees to the reception, storage, handling and shipping of goods. It is likely that the entries will also be addressed to other figuresfor example clerical and administrative.


Lidl Italia srl ​​is a company operating in the GDO belonging to Schwarz Group, an important reality present in 31 countries around the world with a network of over 11,550 points of sale and more than 341,000 collaborators. The first Italian point of sale was inaugurated in Arzignano, in the province of Vicenza, in 1992. Since then the sales network has strongly developed throughout the country and today there are over 700 active supermarkets. Lidl Italia currently employs around 20,000 people, of which more than 750 work at the headquarters in Arcole (Verona).


Those interested in future Lidl hires in the new warehouse that will open in Sardinia must wait for the project to be completed and the selection to open to recruit the staff to be employed in the logistics center. The Group generally collects applications through the web page dedicated to recruiting (Work with us). From the same it is possible to view the vacancies available at the moment and apply online, by sending your CV using the appropriate form.

Lidl frequently opens selections for hiring in discount supermarkets, warehouses and on-site. To know all research in progress you can read this in-depth analysis.

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