LIFETIME – Highlights from August 15th to 21st

DisclosureCheck out the highlights of LIFETIME’s schedule from August 15th to 21st. This week, the channel airs the third episode of Amores que Enganam (20/8), its first original series produced in Latin America.

The track Lifetime Movies debuts the thrillers Sinistra Half-Sister (8/19), If The Walls Could Talk (8/20) and Dangerous Midwife (8/21). It also shows the thriller Retiro Mortal (18/8).

Also noteworthy is the unreleased national comedy Nobody Enters, Nobody Out (15/8), with Letícia Lima, Danielle Winits, Mariana Santos, and Professora Sem Classe (16/8), starring Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake.

PREMIERE – 8/15, Monday, 9:10 pm

Couples get stuck in a motel in the comedy Nobody Enters,

Nobody Leaves, Lifetime Premiere

Lifetime presents the all-new Nobody Enters, Nobody Out, this Monday.

In the national comedy, Edu (Emiliano D’Ávila, Avenida Brasil) takes Suellen (Letícia Lima, Porta dos Fundos) to the renowned Zeffiro’s motel. There are also judge Letícia (Danielle Winits, Until Death Do Us Apart) and her advisor Acauã (Tatsu Carvalho, Os Mercenários), the virgin Margot (Mariana Santos, Cara e Coragem) and the assailant Alexandre (Rafael Infante, Porta dos Funds), as well as several other couples. What should be a day of pleasure changes when Donizete (Paulinho Serra, Vai Que Cola), a motel employee, is diagnosed with a virus that does not exist in Brazil.

With the motel quarantined, the couples enjoy the establishment’s facilities while having to mingle with each other and ensure their identities are not revealed.

Nobody Comes In, Nobody Out (Idem, 2017, BRA)

Comedy genre

Directed by: Hsu Chien Hsin

Cast: Letícia Lima, Danielle Winits, Mariana Santos, Rafael Infante

Indicative Rating: 12 years

8/16, Tuesday, 9:10 pm

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake Star in the Comedy School Teacher

Lifetime shows this Tuesday the comedy Teacher Without Class, starring Cameron Diaz (Charlie’s Angels) and Justin Timberlake (Colorful Friendship).

When she separates from her wealthy fiancé, Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz) returns to high school as a horrible teacher, working her way through breast implant surgery. When she discovers that there is a bonus for the teacher whose class scores the highest on the state test, and that Scott (Justin Timberlake), an attractive and wealthy teacher has just arrived at school, she stops showing movies and sleeping in class. , and starts teaching the students to earn the bonus, get the implant, and attract the teacher.

His main rival for the bonus, and for Scott, is the cheerful and inconvenient Amy (Lucy Punch, Dinner for Idiots), who is always looking for faults in Elizabeth. Focused on Scott, Elizabeth ignores Russell (Jason Segel, How I Met Your Mother), a funny gym teacher. Will she succeed with Scott and get those new breasts?

Classless Teacher (Bad Teacher, 2011, USA)

Comedy genre

Directed by: Jake Kasdan

Cast: Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, Jason Segel

IC: 14

8/18, Thursday, 9:10 pm

A single mother is in danger, in the thriller Mortal Retreat,

Lifetime Movies highlight

In Deadly Retreat, featured on this Thursday’s Lifetime Movies track, Jules (Lara Amersey, Supermoms) tries to move on after a divorce, and is invited to a single-parent retreat.

But upon arriving at the scene, Jules suffers a series of “minor accidents,” all of which seem to involve fellow retreatant Georgia (Rebecca Lamarche, The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair). Convinced that Georgia is jealous of her rapprochement with Zack (Chris Violette, Star Trek: Discovery), one of her single parents, Jules enlists the help of one of her new friends, Marissa (Christina Cox, iZombie), to unmask Georgia. . Jules must be able to prove her colleague guilty before the worst happens.

Deadly Mom Retreat (2021, USA)

Genre: Suspense

Directed by: Jane T. Higgins

Cast: Lara Amersey, Rebecca Lamarche, Chris Violette, Christina Cox

IC: 14

PREMIERE – 19/8, Friday, 21:10

Young man distrusts his half-sister in the thriller Half-Sister Sinistra,

Lifetime Movies debut

The Lifetime Movies track, dedicated to the best TV movies, features the never-before-seen thriller Half-Sister Sinistra.

In the plot, Jeff Mitchell (Matthew Pohlkamp, ​​Here and Now) seems to have it all: a lucrative job, a loving wife and two wonderful children. However, his life changes when he is approached by Carlee (Annika Foster, Burning Lies), a young woman who claims to be his daughter with an old high school sweetheart. After taking a paternity test, Jeff and his wife Lisa (Jhey Castles, Magnum PI) invite the girl to live with them, which their daughter Ella (Tu Morrow, Queens) doesn’t like.

Suspicious, Ella decides to investigate the alleged half-sister to find out who the real Carlee is.

Stepsister Sinistra (Sinister Stepsister, 2022, USA)

Genre: Thriller

Directed by: John Murlowski

Cast: Matthew Pohlkamp, ​​Annika Foster, Jhey Castles, Tu Morrow

Cl: 14

PREMIERE – 20/8, Saturday, 21:10

Lifetime Movies debuts thriller If The Walls Could Talk, based on

in real stories

This Saturday’s Lifetime Movies track shows the unprecedented Se As Paredes Falassem, a thriller inspired by cases that made the pages of newspapers.

After the death of her father, Olivia Garland (Margo Parker, Deadly Girls Night Out) moves in with her mother Rebecca (Nicole Danielle Watts, Black Is King) to help her with the housework. After Rebecca claims to have seen a ghost in the house and suffers a domestic accident, Olivia hires nurse Jake Winters (Conner Floyd, The Young and The Restless) to care for her mother during her recovery.

However, when strange things start to happen, Olivia must decide who to believe and how to keep her mother safe.

If Walls Could Talk (2022, USA)

Genre: Thriller

Directed by: Mariah Murlowski

Cast: Margo Parke, Nicole Danielle Watts, Conner Floyd

Cl: 14

NEW EPISODE – 20/8, Saturday, 22:40

A friendship turns into a toxic relationship, in the episode

unpublished of Amores que deceive

Lifetime airs the new episode of Amores que Enganam, its first original production in Latin America, this Saturday. The production tells stories of women in real and everyday situations, such as love, illusion and trust, but who, however, face circumstances that lead them to live experiences of suffering, betrayal and disappointment, and that can end in a crime of passion. Each episode has a different story.

In addition to Brazilians Sophia Abrahão, Duda Nagle and Julia Gama, recognized Latin American names are also in the cast of the series: Marjorie de Sousa, Carlos Ponce, Aylín Mujica, Jorge Salinas, Ana Patricia Rojo, Mark Tacher, Ivonne Montero, Omar Fierro, Érika de la Rosa, Gabriel Porras, Christian Vázquez, Verónica Montes, Héctor Suárez Gomís, Juan Pablo Llano, Gabriela Vergara, Francisco Gattorno, Scarlet Ortiz, Víctor Cámara. Highlight for the return to the screens of the iconic Venezuelan actress Lupita Ferrer (Rosalinda, Soled, Amor Descarado).

This Saturday, the channel airs the third episode of the series:

10:40pm – Just one chance

Sofi (Grettell Valdez, Chameleons) values ​​Frank’s (Christian Vazquez, Elysium) friendship very much, but he doesn’t want to be in the friendzone anymore and tries in every way to convince her to give him a chance. Finally, Sofia accepts. They start dating, but Sofi keeps thinking that she will never fall in love with him, even if Frank does his best to do so. She is sincere and they break up, swearing they will remain friends forever. The two go on with their lives, at least apparently. The truth is that Frank suffers from bipolar disorder, which is violently activated with the breakup. He doesn’t accept Sofi’s denial and stays glued to her to make any other relationship impossible. Her jealousy, seeing her go out with others, will lead him to plan revenge. In Frank’s mind, Sofi is his or no one else’s. Cl: 14

PREMIERE – 21/8, Saturday, 21:10

Midwife kidnaps the newborn in Dangerous Midwife,

Lifetime Movies debut

The Lifetime Movies track, dedicated to the best made-for-TV movies, premieres the thriller Dangerous Midwife this Saturday.

In the plot, Sarah (Mouna Traoré, The Umbrella Academy) and Kevin (Michael Xavier, Northern Rescue) are expecting their first child and hesitate to have the baby in a hospital. The couple then meet midwife Rose (Raven Dauda, ​​Star Trek: Discovery), who leaves Sarah delighted and confident in her decision to deliver at home. Kevin, however, doesn’t seem to completely trust the professional.

Everything changes when the couple has to deal with the unexpected: Rose kidnaps the newborn after giving birth. The dream turns into a real nightmare. Now, the couple must find the kidnapper and, most importantly, the baby safely.

Dangerous Midwife (Beware of the Midwife, 2021, CAN)

Genre: Thriller

Directed by: Max McGuire

Cast: Mouna Traoré, Michael Xavier, Raven Dauda

Cl: 14

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