Lindsay Lohan with her bright looks reminds us that 30 is the new 20. Thanks to Zendaya’s stylist

Lindsay Lohan is the fashion icon we’ve been waiting for (re) to blossom. Find out how her style has changed thanks to the bright and colorful looks created by Law Roach

We missed Lindsay Lohan. About Her Her absence from her public scenes has only increased the desire to see her shine with her cat eyes and long auburn hair. For a long time, we wondered how she would tackle the red carpet and front row, and whether her film career was just a stepping stone to bigger businesses, like a new beauty or lingerie line. From modeling for Calvin Klein to being a stylist for H&M (remember that?!), Lindsay Lohan has already shown us that she can do it all in her life and career. Yet for her return, after necessary redemption, Lilo (as it is called within the star system) started right where it left off: a film. Falling for Christmas is in fact the Netflix Christmas comedy that sees her as the protagonist: for the occasion she took on the role of a spoiled young heiress (alluding to ex-friend Paris Hilton?!) who loses her memory due to an accident, a fact that will allow her to rediscover the true values ​​of Christmas and life. There was undeniable déjà vu when she started singing Jingle Bell Rock by car: we immediately thought of the “winter talent show” in Mean Girl, the debut film that paved the way for her film career. But her comeback comes at the perfect time, when the Y2K obsession is underway and fashion nods to everything dating back to the 2000s, when Lindsay Lohan became a fashion icon. As they say, “perfect timing”.

Lindsay Lohan, 2022

James Devaney

With the help of Law Roach

Lilo’s rebirth is closely linked to another name, Law Roach. Precisely on the occasion of the Christmas comedy promotion tour, she in fact entrusted herself to the stylist and fashion expert who is following Zendaya, already winner of the CFDA Stylist Award. In an interview you remember her as Elizabeth Taylor in the ill-fated television film Liz & Dick or in a series of publicity photos with a black bouffant and a ruby ​​necklace, wrapped up in a white furry coat «She has always been simply beautiful and cool». In fact when the movie came out Blonde of Ana de Armas as Marilyn, Law Roach did some research on the subject and discovered the 2008 issue of New York Magazine, in which Lohan emulates Monroe. An icon that interprets an icon.

The best way to shine again is to work with people who appreciate personal history. And so it happened. Lindsay Lohan’s latest looks are one more beautiful than the other. Let’s start with the style Ladylike conferred by a naked-effect brocade column dress designed by Valentino for Falling for Christmas.

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