Lip gloss nails, how to replicate the manicure of the moment

Ultra-shiny, wet-effect nails are the latest version of the nude manicure, always trendy in the middle of winter. The inspiration comes from the lip gloss, a not new product that, now more than ever, obsessed Generation Z

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After the excesses of the Christmas season and the sparkling nail art at the end of the year, the 2023 season opens the doors to a beauty trend that includes simple, ultra-well-finished and, above all, brilliant hands: the lip gloss manicurewhich provides natural nails but ultra lacquered with a (very) bright finish.

The trend inspired by the gloss of the 2000s


Winter nails 2022-2023, the trendy colors for the season. PHOTO

Shiny nails with a gloss effect, bright as the lips finished by lip gloss applied with a thick layer to enhance the shining effect, this is the most frequent request in these first weeks of 2023 for nail artists, grappling with thelatest version of the nude nailsa classic for all seasons but very popular in the middle of winter for hands that are well suited to the crystalline atmospheres and clear air of the frozen months.
Thousands of posts and videos on Instagram and TikTok have brought the lip gloss manicure to the attention of users who use the favorite social networks of Millennials and Generation Z to find the latest beauty trends. Obviously, not everything that is offered online manages to win over the hearts of users but, given the rampant obsession with everything related to the early 2000s stylea manicurist inspired by the glossthe staple of 2000s-style makeup, was destined to be a hit from the start.
Easy to make with the right shades and gods top coat from the brilliant formula and jellylip gloss nails can be done at the beauty salon and at home and they really look good on any skin tone.

How to get lip gloss effect nails


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To get perfect wet effect nails you need to start from the choice of basic nuances: from milky white to pale pink, the nails will have to be as neutral as possible. This first glaze, which is applied with a thin layer, is then added the topcoatthe latter reviewed several times until the desired result is achieved.

The application of the sealing top coat is the real secret of this manicure from thick, pasty finish; of course, the use of a UV lamp guarantees greater brilliance and resistance.
Among the advantages of this refined and effective manicure that adapts to any type of look and occasion, there is the great variety of variations, all particular and irresistible: from slightly pearly to the one that provides for the addition of very fine glitter powdersbetter if tone on tone.
The final effect is given by the overlapping of the top coats whose mix contributes to a manicure that is always different and original. Brilliance and luminosity, therefore, are the guiding principles of fabulous lip gloss nails when combined with makeup, specifically, with lip gloss. Also in this case, the trending products at the moment are those that filled the beauty cases of teenagers in the 2010s and therefore come on gloss Juicy Tube tasty and very simple to go on endlessly for natural but very shiny lips or those with a very soft applicator brush of the most sophisticated beauty lines, from Dior to Lancome.

The nude manicure loved by the stars

Hailey Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, the Hadid sisters, the Kardashians/Jenners, Megan Fox, are the Hollywood and catwalk stars who have revived the bare nails transformed, season after season, with some special details then seen all over the planet.
We owe them the seduction of the nails very long and almonda shape that gives tapered hands to all those who choose it and that is perfect for having fun with french manicuree, born in the seventies and very popular in the last two decades.

J.Lo added glitter to her sandy nails at the tips that sparkle with her precious diamond rings. Hailey Bieber, the queen of clean manicures, was the point of reference for glazed donut nailspearlescent glazed nails already on trend since last spring.
But Kendall Jenner is also a fan of nails transparent and very bright. Unlike her sisters, the supermodel hardly lets herself be seduced by the fashion of the moment and remains faithful to a sober manicure that allows her to slip easily into the most diverse style dresses that are offered to her from time to time by the brands for which she work.

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