Listeriosis alarm, a case in Molise: elderly in hospital

There is a case of listeriosis in Molise, which is recorded after the alarm triggered in various Italian regions due to the increase in clinical cases and probably related to the presence of the bacterium in chicken wϋrstel produced by the Tre Valli farm, which started for several days a voluntary withdrawal procedure of some batches of wurstel of its own production in agreement with the Competent Authorities.

An elderly Molise – resident in the province of Campobasso – is currently in hospital, in the Infectious Diseases department of Cardarelli where he is under close observation, for food poisoning. The diagnosis – first in Molise since the increase in cases in Italy was recorded.

The bacterium of listeria from 2020 to today in Italy caused 71 clinical cases (data updated to yesterday) and 3 deaths. The infection, although relatively rare, can in fact manifest itself with a severe clinical picture and high mortality rates, especially in fragile subjects such as infants, the elderly, pregnant women and immuno-compromised adults. Most healthy adults have no symptoms after eating contaminated food or may have gastrointestinal symptoms when contamination is very high. But listeriosis can take several clinical forms. In the case of pregnant women it can also cause fetal death.

In immuno-compromised adults and the elderly, listeriosis can cause meningitis, encephalitis, severe septicemia. These clinical manifestations are treatable with antibiotics, but the prognosis in severe cases is often poor. The average incubation is 3 weeks (but can last up to 70 days).

For prevention purposes, in addition to hygiene rules, it should be emphasized that the bacterium is destroyed by high temperatures and therefore cooking (in the case of chicken meat is absolutely necessary) remains the best ally to avoid contracting the infection.

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