Little Archie died

Mother’s words –

Little Archie died at 12:15 pm local time. “He fought to the end, I’m proud to be his mother,” said mother Hollie Dance.

“Nothing decent” –

“They took his medications off at 10 am, his condition remained stable until two hours later, when they removed the ventilation,” Ella Rose Carter, girlfriend of Archie’s older brother Tom, later explained to the British press. on behalf of the family. “There is absolutely nothing dignified about watching a family member or child choke – she added – we hope no family has to go through what we have been through. It’s barbaric,” she explained.

Parents’ request rejected –

The parents had opposed this procedure, attempting all legal avenues, but all the degrees of British justice rejected their request arguing that it was in the interest of the child to suspend life support. Lastly, the European Court of Human Rights had ruled, arguing that they did not want to not interfere with British justice. A court had also rejected the family’s latest request to transfer Archie to a hospice for the terminally ill that his condition was too unstable to transfer him by ambulance, a choice that “would accelerate premature deterioration.”

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