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We would all like to have a dream job, a profession that embodies the maxim that if you choose a job you love, in the end, you won’t work an hour of your life. But is there really such a job?

According to most of us, the ideal job would be the athlete, the footballer or the wealthy entrepreneur, yet in reality these jobs are (as well as satisfying and well paid, of course) also very stressful.

The physique of athletes, for example, ages very quickly, and other sources of stress afflict all the other professions that we naively consider “dream”. Here it is, a truly dream job: trying luxury hotels, and reviewing them.

It’s called the “hotel tester” and it consists of visiting luxury hotels, trying the breakfasts, swimming pools, massage rooms and super comfortable beds. All this is then reviewed with special forms to be filled in in a few minutes. Here, at this link, a job advertisement that explains everything very well.


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If such a job is useful, it is because agencies and hotel chains need to know, in detail, how each single structure works. In fact, a hotel chain must absolutely ensure that every single branch respects the same standards.

What is certain is that being a luxury hotel tester is an incredibly relaxing job. You are pampered by the luxury of five stars for hours, days and weeks. And there is, objectively, no job in the world that falls into the category of “dream jobs”.

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