LIVE TMW – Italy, Immobile: “The American World Cup and the Scudetto with Lazio are my goals”


13.00 – In Coverciano it is the day of Ciro Immobile. The center forward of the National will be the protagonist of the question and answer with the journalists in the third and penultimate day of the meeting in the headquarters of the Azzurri. Start scheduled for 13.30: direct text on

The list of players called up updated after the last defections and the choices of the coach on the substitutes: CLICK HERE to read it.

13.31 – Ciro Immobile’s press conference begins: “I had to put a stop to everything that happened after I failed to qualify for the World Cup. I understood that the others could not decide on my retirement. Thanks also to the club, I decided that I still had a lot to give. The World Cup is far away. age certainly advances, but if my condition is this I know that I will still be able to give something “.

Why did you think about retirement?
“For the disappointment due to the lack of qualification for the World Championship and for the very strong criticisms. These are two things that mark you. However, over the weeks I realized that it could not be the others who decided my path, who decided to retire. in my place. Of course, these things mark you, make you think “.

Did you convince yourself or did the coach have to intervene?
“I believe Mancini never had any doubts about my retirement, I talked a lot about it with my family and in the end I decided to continue.”

Who are the young strikers you like?
Scamacca, Pellegri, Pinamonti … Raspadori has already made the European Championship with us and I already consider him a half veteran. Gianluca has decided to go to the Premier, a difficult choice and you have to give him time. They have to score with the club and then have confidence in the national team as well. ”

Do you also feel like a leader of this team?
“Yes, and I also feel obliged to give something to the group, both on and off the pitch. This is what I carry with me. This generational change is taking place with many young people and Italian football needs something more, it must start from we”.

Do you feel the lighthouse of this national team?
“I thank the coach for the words. I have done my apprenticeship and today’s young people have to start doing that, I started from Sorrento and I did the whole process. time to grow up. We have to give young people time and a way to express themselves, probably in the club it is a little easier. We need to have a little more patience. “

Why in the national team minus signs? Do you like the possibility of playing 3-5-2?
“On the form I say that nothing changes for me, whatever the choice of the coach is for me is just fine. On the first question, I ask myself almost every day … Maybe at Lazio I have more margin for error and it makes the having won 4 top scorer rankings and then scoring less with the National team. I ask myself this every day precisely because I always want to improve and give my best, sometimes wanting to overdo it leads you to do big bullshit. ”

In the national team there is never the feeling that yours is a very great status
“I have always felt the confidence. The criticisms didn’t bother me so much, but being credited as the forward for not qualifying for the World Cup and not for winning the European Championship is absurd. I didn’t like this diversity of views, it’s a bit funny, but you also accept this and move on “.

What do you say about Lazio?
“We are in a good position in the standings, we have lost a few points but we are making a good path. The next step will have to be mentality, growth, we are scoring less but we have more points than last year and with the defense in place. Now we have to fix the Europa League after the last misstep. ”

What did you do wrong after the European Championship?
“When a team wins it must immediately be good at regaining enthusiasm and today that is a bit lacking. Probably the arrival of new players, the confirmation of the coach and all the staff, must give us confidence and morale. ‘of enthusiasm that is lacking at the moment because the World Cup will soon be played and we will not be there “.

Have you reported for the offenses on social media?
“I think the haters should be denounced, especially as regards the gratuitous malice. I have received very bad messages about my children and I have to put a stop to this. All over the social world, not only in the sports world, is written about everything . It is probably difficult to trace the real people, sometimes they are fake profiles, if UEFA is moving it is right to bring him back to Italy too “.

Is real estate at the American World Cup a hypothesis that you cultivate?
“Yes yes, it is one of the goals that I have set myself. I have always been one without limits, I always try to move forward and look to the future with confidence and positivity. This pushed me to do exceptional things in addition to my technical qualities. For I can’t explain these moments of mine in the national team, this has been a bit of a difficulty in recent years. At Lazio I couldn’t do more, unfortunately in the national team the numbers are lower but here too I have always given my best “.

Could this year be the year of the Scudetto for you?
“This is also linked to my speech. As a captain I cannot scream we will win the Scudetto, but every year I have this fixed thought when I start the retirement. I have this mentality, I like to be able to reach the maximum. I believe that a player and a man must always aspire to the maximum. I am not saying that Lazio will certainly win the Scudetto, but they are a growing team and this year the fight will be very open “.

TMW – Why do strikers in Italy struggle more than players positioned in other departments?
“The attacker must have more continuity than the other roles and having continuity means always scoring many goals, a striker must always score many goals. Better to have 5 seasons of 15 goals than one of 30, then if you score 5 of 25 goals then he is the top. I always look to the best who always score goals. Young strikers must set this goal, always score many goals and in today’s football be able to help the team. ”

Have you thought that we will go to San Siro?
“Yes, unfortunately, given the previous staff of Italy-Sweden, we don’t have a good memory … I expect a tough match against England, it will be one of their last preparatory matches for the World Cup, but we know we have to give something to our people who are disappointed by the lack of qualification “.

Why can the national team become the protagonist again?
“The National team in difficult moments was a point of union for everyone, during the European Championship we saw how Italy came together … From there we have to start again, the Italians must have that memory in their minds and have faith in us. . This is an important starting point without forgetting the disappointments, which inevitably reinforce “.

How do you comment on the non-convening of Zaniolo and Zaccagni?
“I think the coach made some choices, I don’t know if they are related to what happened in June. I saw Zaccagni in training camp and he told me about the physical problem in June … There was a bit of controversy, but it’s madness to think that someone wants to escape from Coverciano. I saw Provedel’s eyes when the call came and it reminded me of me when my first call came “.

13.59 – Press conference concluded.

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